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Community programming

Concordia is brimming with programs that engage diverse community stakeholders and events that are open to the public.

Art Matters

Art Matters is an annual student-run festival celebrating the vitality of the multidisciplinary artistic community. Each March, emerging local talent benefits from forging connections to Montreal’s creative institutions, galleries, and artist-run centres in what has become the largest festival of its kind.

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Cinema Politica Concordia

Cinema Politica is a media arts nonprofit that was founded at Concordia and now spans multiple continents. Campus and community “locals” screen independent political film and video by Canadian and international artists. Each semester, programming is focused on social justice, environmental, and cultural identity issues and strives to bridge political independent filmmaking and civic engagement.

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Concordia HIV/AIDS Project

The Concordia HIV/AIDS Project is a multifaceted initiative and a permanent space for interdisciplinary dialogue around HIV/AIDS. Founded in 1993, it is overseen by two committees comprised of faculty and staff from various departments and has grown into four interrelated programs, including a lecture series, courses, and internships dedicated to nurturing the next generation of HIV/AIDS researchers, activists, and teachers.

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Enable Montreal

Enable Montreal is a community-centred initiative that seeks to co-create solutions for a more accessible and inclusive city. In 2018, 50 people across 10 teams participated in the design challenge, which engaged a range of community members and professionals to solve tangible needs, resulting in nine concrete accessibility proposals.

Living Knowledge

Living Knowledge brings together those who share a passion for community-engaged scholarship. Concordia faculty and staff as well as students, community organizers, and representatives from other universities participate in creating connections and sharing ideas to strengthen their collective practice by making engagement a more central aspect.

StartUP Nations

StartUP Nations is an initiative of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Economic Development Commission that supports a new generation of Indigenous social and collective entrepreneurs. This three day event which takes place at Concordia University welcomes youth from a wide range of Indigenous communities. Through group work, workshops and conferences the participants obtain the tools necessary for succeeding as entrepreneurs.

University of the Streets 

The University of the Streets Café organizes bilingual public conversations in community spaces across Montreal. A moderator, one or two guests, and diverse groups of citizens gather to share their unique experiences and perspectives and to learn from one another in an egalitarian setting, highlighting the principles of popular education.

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