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Peer Support Writing Group (PSWG) hosts:


Joseph Brito

Joseph is a doctorate candidate at the Department of Religions and Cultures, at Concordia University. His doctoral dissertation uses a post-colonial lens to examine how and why early Christian discourse and narratives (i.e. first and second century CE) employed slavery-metaphors as rhetorical and theological device. Prior to joining the doctoral program, he completed his bachelor and master degree at Université de Montréal. As a researcher, he is passionate about post-colonial theories, migration and minority studies, readings from the margin, as well as religious language in politics.


Pamela Honor Tudge

Pamela thinks of herself as part food nerd, part academic, and part environmentalist who really loves design and art that makes her think deeper about the world. At Concordia University, she is a PhD candidate in the Individualized Program, Fine Arts Faculty exploring critical design and public pedagogy as a methodology to investigate food and waste. Her writing and teaching for over 15 years has spanned food studies, environmental science, new media and social movements. Pamela has worked in the fields of cartography, climate science, education and the arts. She also holds a MA in Geography from UBC and a BA-Honors in Geography and Environmental Studies from the UVic.

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