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Skill domains

GradProSkills workshops are categorized into eight distinct professional skills training areas. Our skill domains identify areas where supplementary learning contributes to a student's success in graduate school and prepares them for the evolving demands of today's job market.

Career development

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Career planning
  • Job search
  • Networking
  • Personal branding
  • Skills identification


  • Academic writing
  • Professional writing 
  • Presenting
  • Relationship building
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion

Language training

  • French competency
  • English competency

Leadership and management

  • Administration
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Leadership
  • Project management

Digital, media and information

  • Creative content production
  • Data analysis and visualization 
  • Information searching and archiving
  • Productivity and collaboration
  • Programming languages
  • Social media management

Grad academic success

  • Conducting research
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Ethics, rights and responsibilities 
  • Funding and awards
  • Knowledge and research dissemination
  • Organisation and time management
  • Preparing a thesis or research paper


  • Teaching assistantship
  • Teaching methods
  • Teaching technology

Wellness and life balance

  • Health 
  • Personal finances
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