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Lecture by Professor Yochai Benkler, Berkman Professor of Entrepreneurial Legal Studies, Harvard Law School, and Faculty Co-Director, Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University.    
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Opening Remark. Watch video    
Quinn Slobodian, Wellesley College, USA. The Market Golem: Polanyi, Schmitt, Anti-Globalism.  Watch video    
Ann Pettifor, Prime. Policy Research in Macroeconomics, UK. Can Societies Challenge and Transform the State's Role in Creating, Resourcing and Protecting Today's Global Capital Markets?   Watch video    
Sheila Foster, Georgetown University Law Center, USA. The New Era of GlocalismSheila Foster, Georgetown University Law Center, USA. The New Era of Glocalism.   Watch video    
Robert Kuttner, Brandeis University and Co-Editor, The American Prospect. The Crisis and the Opportunity. Watch video    
Plenary # 1: The State as Actor of Transformation - Coping with a Crisis. Lessons from the Past for the Present: New Deal and U.S. War Economy. Watch video    
Plenary # 2: From the Globalization Trilemma to the Political Trilemma of a Social-Ecological Transformation. Watch video    
Plenary # 3: Global-National Responses to COVID-19. Watch video    
Plenary # 4: The Changing Role of the State: What Does it Mean for Europe?   Watch video    
Plenary #5: Roundtable on The COVID-19 Pandemic: Putting the Economy in its Place or Putting Democracy at Risk?   Watch video    
Plenary # 6: Book Presentation - “Karl Polanyi – The works and life of an epochal thinker” and “Karl Polanyi – Von der entfesselten Wirtschaft zur solidarischen Gesellschaft.“   Watch video    
Plenary # 7: The Shadow Pandemics of Covid-19: Gender-Based Violence, Crippling Debt and Attacks on Civic Space. A Civil-Society.   Watch video    
Plenary # 8: Care and Care Work: The COVID-19 Pandemic, the Limits of the Market and the Question of Social Responsibility.   Watch video
Plenary 9: Climate Emergency in the Post-Pandemic Era.   Watch video    
Panel # 1: Presentation - Reading Polanyi: Fascism, Culture, Guild Socialism and the State. Watch video    
Panel # 2: State, Market and Migration from a Polanyian Perspective (Part I). Watch video    
Panel # 3: Fictitious Commodities and COVID-19: Culture, Labor and Decommodification. Watch video    
Panel # 4: The Intellectual Journeys of Ilona Duczynska and Karl Polanyi. Watch video
Panel # 5: Risk Governance and the State in the Post-COVID 21st Century. Watch video    
Panel # 6: Digital Capitalism and the Pandemic. Watch video    
Panel # 7: Roundtable on Market/Place: Exploring Spaces of Exchange. Watch viideo    
Panel # 8: Basic Income, Livelihood, and Democracy in the Post-Pandemic Era. Watch video    
Panel # 9: Neoliberalism, Emancipation and the Pandemic in Latin America. Watch video    
Panel # 10: State, Market and Migration from a Polanyian Perspective (Part II).  Watch video    
Panel # 11: Civil Society and the State before and after Covid. Opposition or Collaboration?.  Watch video    
Panel # 12: Debt, Precarity, Financialization. Watch video    
CLOSING REMARKS.   Watch video    

Speakers: Fred Block, University of California, Davis; Robert Kuttner, Co-Editor of The American Prospect; and Margaret R. Somers, University of Michigan.

Moderator: Daniel Salée, Concordia University

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Modérateurs:  Marguerite Mendell (Université Concordia) et Gregor Murray (Université de Montréal)

Auteures du Manifeste: Adelle Blackett (Université McGill), Isabelle Ferreras (UCLouvain), et Dominique Méda (Université Paris Dauphine)

Commentaires: Nil Ataogul (TUAC), Pierre-Antoine Harvey (CSQ), Josée Lamoureux (CSN), Jonathan Vallée-Payette (FTQ)

In collaboration with Partenariat du CRIMT sur l'expérimentation institutionnelle et l'amélioration du travail and de l’Industrie 4.0, travail et emploi de l’Observatoire international sur les impacts sociétaux de l’IA et du numérique.

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Dialogue about the Democratizing Work Manifesto    
Moderators : Marguerite Mendell, Concordia University and Gregor Murray, Université de Montréal    
Manifesto Authors: Julie Battilana, Harvard University and Isabelle Ferreras, Université catholique de Louvain    
Discussants: Lana Payne, UNIFOR; Andrew Jackson, Broadbent Institute; Esteban Kelly, U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives; and Jim Stanford, Centre for Future Work    
In collaboration with CRIMT Partnership on Institutional Experimentation for Better Work and Industry 4.0, Work and Employment of the International Observatory of the Societal Impacts of AI and Digital Technology.    
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Participants: Stefan Berger, Ruhr University – Bochum; James Rhodes, University of Manchester; Petra Dolata, University of Calgary; and Lachlan MacKinnon, Cape Breton University.    
Chairperson: Steven High, Concordia University.    
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Speakers: Lucy Russell, Editor, Bloomsbury Publishing; Peadar Kirby, University of Limerick, Ireland; and Attila Melegh, Director, Karl Polanyi Center for Global Studies, Budapest, Hungary.

With a message from Michael Higgins, President of Ireland. Read message

Moderator: Marguerite Mendell, Concordia University.      
In collaboration with Bloomsbury Publishing, London, U.K.    
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Ceremony of the unveiling of a plaque noting the former residence of Karl Polanyi and Ilona Duczynska in Vienna, Austria. The plaque reads: “In this house lived from 1924 to 1933 the economic historian and social anthropologist Karl Polanyi with his wife, historian, Ilona Duczynska, and their daughter Kari.”    
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Plenary 1: The Enduring Legacy of Karl Polanyi.   Watch video    
Plenary 2: Polanyi and Contemporary Social Thought.   Watch video    
Plenary 3: Geopolitics of Financialized Capitalism and Contemporary Debt Bondage.   Watch video    
Plenary 4: Towards a New Paradigm.   Watch video    
Plenary 5: Freedom in a Complex Society.   Watch video    
Plenary 6: Globalization and Development.   Watch video    
Plenary 7: Towards a New Paradigm (2).   Watch video    
Plenary 8: The Power of Ideas in Karl Polanyi's World of Thought.   Watch video    
Special Session: Roundtable on the Power of Market Fundamentalism.   Watch video    
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