We are conscious of Concordia’s graphic requirements as well as sustainability issues that must be taken into consideration in production decisions. We offer innovative solutions and propose as many post-consumer recycled and eco-friendly alternatives as possible.

Print Advisory rep Joanna Baldwin

Our experienced customer service representatives will help you:

  • Finalize the specifications of your project.
  • Develop a realistic timeline.
  • Provide you with a quote, work within your budget and the purchasing standards of the University.

Making your request

Your printing request should be e-mailed to printing@concordia.ca and explain the project including quantity, size and paper choice, requested delivery date, delivery address and departmental account code (the preferred method of payment). Please consult with Print Advisory if an alternate method of payment is required.

Deadline and delivery

Because every printing request varies in its complexity, it is sometimes difficult to predict how long a job will take to complete. Contact us and we will give you a time frame for the completion of your request.

There is no charge for delivery within Concordia University.

Check the Print Advisory portfolio.

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