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The beliefs and attitudes of residents shape the cities they live in

Empathy can produce and motivate altruistic behaviour.

By examining the multitude of emotions and relationships that exist, I aim to better understand a city’s unique characteristics.

I study moral emotions and virtues like sympathy, empathy, honesty and shame. I do so by facilitating a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue between Confucianism and Western ethics.

My initiatives include Project Empathy, a study of how empathy can produce and motivate altruistic behaviour; The Honesty Project, which looks at how honest communication is facilitated; and The Shame Project, which explores how shame is understood and managed in different cultures.

As part of the cities team, I hope to develop strategies to educate and mobilize citizens to adapt and embrace a sustainable and resilient future.

My name is Jing Hu and I am an assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy.

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