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Next-gen. Now.

Next-generation cities put citizens first

Participatory planning helps ensure that urban spaces reflect the needs of their inhabitants.

My research seeks to democratize design and planning processes through participatory methodologies that put citizens’ interests at the heart of development decisions.

I am an architect, an urbanist and an educator. For the last 15 years, my research has focused on alternative uses for public spaces, such as street vending, graffiti and public assembly.

As architects, planners and designers we provide the space, but often when we leave, the space evolves into something completely different.

To forward these initiatives, I founded Cities X Citizens. In addition to promoting citizen engagement, a major objective of this project is to reverse urban fragmentation and re-stitch neighborhoods segmented by decommissioned rail lines, freeways and factories.

My name is Silvano De la Llata and I am an assistant professor in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment.

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