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Faculty, students and staff at Concordia are involved in hundreds of city-based projects each year. Given the size of the institution, the diversity and number of projects happening at any given moment, it can be hard to get a clear picture of everything that is underway. As part of the Embrace the City strategic direction, the Office of Community Engagement led an institutional effort to map Concordia’s city-engaged initiatives by implementing an interactive, multi-use online map. The Embrace the City Map was brought to fruition in January 2019 and was introduced at an event alongside the Cities Cluster at 4th SPACE.

This online interactive map showcases the wide array of projects that Concordians are undertaking across the City of Montreal in collaboration with city constituents. The goal is to share information, inspire new connections, and clarify pathways for individuals and groups wishing to get involved in the initiatives that are already underway. The map allows us to meaningfully evaluate our collective impact and to follow up with our partners once a project comes to a close.

By logging in and entering your data to the map, your involvement helps Concordia University to better tell the story of its work as well as pave the way for potential connections between projects and stakeholders. This effort also aligns with Concordia's desire to offer students the opportunity to get their hands dirty and develop next-gen skills.

Your collaboration helps us discover what city-based activities are happening throughout Montreal. Put your project on the map using this tool to facilitate the development of shared objectives and encourage coordination between city-related projects and initiatives.

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