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Concordia’s Inaugural School of Health Conference aims to spark interdisciplinary dialogue

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May 13, 2024
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Véronique Pepin: “This conference is more than a gathering — it is an incubator for ideas and a catalyst for forging connections.”

The Inaugural School of Health Conference will take place at Concordia’s Loyola Campus on May 30. The event will bring together health professionals, researchers, trainees and community members to present latest research findings, explore and exchange ideas across various health disciplines.

While primarily aimed at a scientific audience, the conference welcomes anyone interested in the latest health research and innovations.

“This conference is more than a gathering — it is an incubator for ideas and a catalyst for forging connections,” explains Véronique Pepin, interim dean of the School of Health.

“Attendees will gain valuable insights into novel research, network with professionals across diverse health fields and contribute to discussions that shape the future of health care and policy.”

The program is organized along the lines of the school’s three foundational themes: biomedical sciences and engineering research; clinical research and prevention; and community health research.

Keynote addresses and breakout sessions focusing on each will also take place. This will allow participants to delve deeply into their areas of interest while also exploring new territories.

The keynote addresses will be delivered by experts at the forefront of their respective fields:

  • Steffany Bennett, a lipid biochemist and neurobiologist, explores gender and sex-specific differences in lipid metabolism and their implications for neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Kate de Medeiros focuses on the sociology of aging, examining what constitutes a good life in later years and the societal perceptions that shape our understanding of aging.
  • Martijn Spruit is spearheading transformative approaches in the care of chronic respiratory diseases, advocating for a shift from drug-centric treatments to integrated care models that include pulmonary rehabilitation.

Engaging with tomorrow’s leaders

Prior to the main conference events, a student poster competition will be held on May 29, providing a platform for research trainees to showcase their work. This session offers attendees the chance to engage with emerging researchers, fostering dialogue and mentorship opportunities that underscore the conference’s commitment to nurturing future health leaders.

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