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Lab-École on university campus ushers in a new era for learning

Primary students will benefit from a unique, dynamic environment, and a building that meets superior architectural and environmental standards
June 5, 2018

A new public primary school, to be constructed on Concordia’s downtown campus, has been designated as a Lab-École by the Government of Quebec.

Administered by the Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), the school will serve families and children living in the Ville-Marie borough.

At this Lab-École, a team of multidisciplinary specialists, working in a volunteer capacity, will provide guidance in designing both the physical space and the learning environment to promote optimal learning for children, engage their parents and empower teachers.

“We’re pleased it will be a Lab-École because students will benefit from a next-generation learning environment that will be unique and dynamic,” says Concordia’s president Alan Shepard.

“It also means the building will meet superior architectural and environmental standards that will fit well with a heritage site.”

The school will be located on the northwest section of the Grey Nuns land along Saint-Mathieu Street.

The close proximity of Concordia’s Department of Education and Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance could lead to collaborations with the new school.

“We look forward to potential partnerships with Lab-École,” says Shepard. “We share their mission and passion for creating the best possible schools for the well-being of Quebec students and teachers.”

Updates on the CSDM’s project will be shared with the Concordia community as work progresses.

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