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Concordia is a top Montreal employer for 2018

For the third year running, the university is named one of the city's best places to work
February 1, 2018

For the third time in three years, Concordia has been named a top Montreal employer.

Altogether, 45 organizations made the cut based on a number of criteria, including salaries and benefits and the physical and social aspects of workplaces.

They are evaluated by the editors of Canada’s Top 100 Employers, who organize the citywide competition.

Concordia shines

This year’s article about Concordia describes a place "where everyone’s contribution matters," and highlights the university's collaborative nature.

That ability to work in an interdisciplinary manner is key for someone like Sylvia Santosa, an associate professor in the Department of Exercise Science. Working with experts in other fields supports her research into understanding obesity and obesity related comorbidities.

“I’m interested in the way fat tissue from within the body interacts with other tissues and how that relates with disease risk,” says Santosa, who is also a Canada Research Chair in clinical nutrition.

“At the PERFORM Centre, I can work with colleagues in imaging, physiology, and immunology, for example. Plus, I have access to everything from consultation rooms to imaging equipment and a complete nutrition suite under one roof.”

Working together

Some of that equipment also serves staff and faculty who aren’t doing research. They have access to the state-of-the-art facility to work on developing their own healthy lifestyles and to take part in prevention-based programs.

“When Concordia employees and community members come to PERFORM because they want fitness or nutrition guidance, we can help them,” says Santosa. “And when they take part in one of our studies, they help us with our research.”

Other criteria that help demonstrate the quality of Concordia as an employer include generous benefits and training and development opportunities.

Pat Pietromonaco exemplifies how Concordia encourages employees to seek professional development. He managed Distribution and Transportation Services in the early 1990s. Then, he took advantage of training workshops, Continuing Education, and university classes at  the John Molson School of Business to get his MBA in 2012. Now, Pietromonaco is a senior director of property management within Facilities Management.

“Our ability to get things done is amazing and my personal experiences have been filled with opportunities to contribute to the Concordia work environment,” he says.

“Another reason I’ve stayed at Concordia all these years is because it’s such a vibrant place to work, with dedicated colleagues, diversity, and sense of collaboration between students, faculty and staff.”

The bigger picture

The university’s president Alan Shepard says Concordia remains an attractive employer because it aims to be a leader in every aspect of its operations.

“Our strategic directions are more than just a wish list,” he says.

 “They illustrate how we are becoming a next-generation university. Our staff and faculty are here for more than a paycheque. They understand the value of doubling our research, teaching for tomorrow and growing smartly.”

Concordians also consistently aim to go beyond, Shepard adds.

“Whether we’re focusing on the needs of students, colleagues, or our larger community, it’s extremely validating to work in an environment that promotes improvement, imagination, and a sense of pride."

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