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Business Ownership and Wealth Management

Master Certificate in Business Acquisition

Thinking of buying a business?
Could you? Should you?

When trying to determine whether to become a business owner by buying an existing business, there are many elements for you to consider. It begins with the will to be independent and to be your own boss. The program then adds a blend of theoretical concepts and real-life stories from industry experts and practitioners who have lived the experience that you use to fill the gaps in your knowledge and experience.  You will learn to do by doing and be guided through the business acquisition process.

Family Legacy and Wealth Programs

You’ve worked tremendously hard to achieve your success. You’ve made your mark, but what kind of legacy will you leave behind?

At JMEC, we know it’s never too early or late to begin planning and preparing for your legacy. This is why we offer programs that focus on long-term generational prosperity and legacy planning.

You and your family members will secure the education, tools and confidence required to craft your own legacy that will provide security for future generations.

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