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Coaching for Individuals and Organizations

Group and team coaching

Team integration

Team coaching builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration and that is good for any organizations bottom line.  Our coaches use a coaching model to work with in-tact organizational teams who are confronted with a specific set of challenges within their environment. The coach facilitates a one or several coaching session(s) with the group to help address and work through these challenges. Coaches are experienced and  may use a number of ancillary tools such as team diagnostics, team profiles, etc.


Intergenerational coaching

How do different generations of employees communicate with one another? Share their unique expertise and communicate more effectively, efficiently and with greater satisfaction. There are clear differences between the generations in terms of knowledge bases and styles. And bridging those divides is part of the work that is embraced by an intergenerational coaching approach.


Custom-designed coaching programs

Allow us to design a coaching program for your organization based specifically on your unique wants and needs. Your designated coach will help you to identify and refine the areas that need attention, and facilitate the coaching sessions to pinpoint those areas. Our coaching program may be tailored to your context and needs in a number of ways: Varying the number, duration, modality and cadence of coaching sessions. Using various diagnostic tools (psychometric, 360, interviews, etc.) Blending the coaching with other development activities such as workshops, webinars, co-development sessions, and eLearning modules. Launching the program with a thematic seminar targeting the specific needs of a larger audience (e.g.: employee engagement; agility and resilience; women and leadership; etc.)


Strategic retreats

The retreat offers a relaxing setting where the members of the board or executive committee can review the year’s performance and consider the development of plans without constant distractions.  It is also an opportunity to strengthen team relationships and set goals for the upcoming year. 

We can offer board level specific coaching related to:

1.     Board culture — moving from ceremonial boards to liberated boards to progressive boards — and the implications for board culture.  Board culture can be constructively influenced and shaped and contributes to the effectiveness of governance. 

2.     Board leadership — the importance of board leaders fully understanding and stepping into their role, defining the board mandate with clarity, and leveraging the full power of their board.


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