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What can I do with an MSc degree?

The Master of Science (MSc) degree is a masters level degree that helps a student develop specialized administration skills in a research-oriented setting. While many MSc graduates decide to continue on in academia as a professor or researcher, those who decide to go into industry may find rewarding careers in various industries. Some of the more common ones include:

What you need - Skills required

  • Ability to implement solutions to problems
  • Analytical and strategic abilities
  • Approachable/charismatic
  • Bilingualism (in Quebec)
  • Communication skills– written and oral
  • Computer knowledge
  • Conflict resolution   
  • Creative problem solving       
  • Critical thinking
  • Cross-cultural awareness   
  • Data analytics
  • Decision-making
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial modelling
  • Interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Leadership               
  • Market research
  • Online research
  • Problem-solving
  • Project planning and time management
  • Quantitative skills           
  • Strong values and ethics   
  • Survey design
  • Understanding of primary business functions

What to do - Occupations to explore

Positions that some of our recent MSc graduates have been hired into include:

  • Associate Director
  • Audit Manager
  • Business Analytics and Assessment Associate
  • Category Development Analyst
  • Commercial Banking Account Manager
  • Commercialization Advisor
  • Consultant
  • Equity Analyst
  • Executive Management
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Internal Systems Auditor
  • Investment Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Market Research Specialist
  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Quantity Analyst
  • Regional Director
  • Research Analyst
  • Research Professional
  • Senior Advisor
  • Senior Associate

Resources - Key websites

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