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H Building, 8th Floor


Desktop PC, laptop connection, overhead projector, sound system and a microphone.

In this type of learning space, a basic projection system allows instructors to project content from their laptops and/or a local desktop PC. These rooms also feature an audio system and one lapel mic that will allow instructors to record their voices in a lecture-capture manner. This type of room is not equipped with a camera so online participants will not be able to see their instructor but they will be able to hear the lecture. Lecture recording is also available. 

Intended usage

In-person and limited online instruction. By launching and connecting to a virtual zoom session at the start of class using the desktop PC, students online will be able to hear the lecture and see the desktop PC’s content the same way as students attending in person.

***Please note that the standard cables to plug your own peripherals are HDMI, USB-C or VGA. If you don’t have those connections available on your device, please bring the appropriate adaptor. ***

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