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Drip7 Pilot

Drip7 is a fun-to-use, gamified, mobile-based micro-learning tool that teaches safe computing by asking one simple question a day, seven questions a week. These daily questions are called Drips.


How does Drip7 work?

Drips come in the form of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, true or false questions, watch-and-learn videos with follow-up questions and answering questions based on a diagram.

Players earn points for each daily question they answer correctly, earning badges along the way, and top scorers are added to a leaderboard which resets each month. The top three competitors at the end of each month will be added to a draw to win an iPad, with the draw taking place at the begining of January. A second iPad draw will take place in May 2023. 

If you skip a day, don’t worry, the questions are cumulative. The next time you open Drip7, you’ll have two questions waiting. Skip three days and you’ll have three questions to answer in your bank. But beware, if you don’t answer your daily question on the day it’s received, you won’t be able to get full points for the right answer.  May the odds be ever in your favor. 

What’s in it for you?

Drip7 combines delivery, content, and science to create an IT security training platform that drives behavior change and increases knowledge retention.

Learn on the go, in a fun, social, and engaging environment with your friends and peers. Gain bragging rights by hitting the top of the leaderboard. Collect badges along the way and develop lifelong cyber security skills that will help protect you online.

As a bonus, at the end of each month, the top three leaders on the leaderboard will be entered into a draw to win an iPad. The draw will take place in January 2023, with a second taking place May 2023. 

Sign up for Drip7 – while you can! 

  1. Activate multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your accounts (if you haven't already)
    To do this, sign into your My CU Account in the Student Hub. Go to your Personal Information and Accounts tab and in My Accounts and Settings hit the “Activate Multi-factor authentication (MFA)” button on top. 

    Once activated you can configure your device. If you wish to use the Microsoft Authenticator app, please select which type of mobile phone (or tablet) you are using for a step-by-step guide on how to configure MFA to your account.
  1. Download Drip7 or access it online. 
    Search for Concordia Drip7 in the Google Play Store for Androids or the Apple App store for iOS devices and download the app. Alternatively, play via your browser at Drip7
  1. Activate Drip7
    Sign in using and your Concordia password. Good luck, learn lots, and have fun!


Top competitors of 2023

The following competitors have been entered into the draw:

Top January competitors 

  • First place: Sonu (195 points)
  • Second place: HA (174 points)
  • Third place: Mulul (173 points)

Top February competitors 

  • First place: sentientWood (153 points)
  • Second place: Ashish (151 points)
  • Third place: Ally Steinberg (138 points)

Top March competitors

  • First place: Oversized_Shirt (170 points) 
  • Second place: Tania Kyra (134 points) 
  • Third place: Clarisse (133 points)

Top April competitors

  • First place: Sara Ouadhi (144 points)
  • Second place: LorelaiD (142 points) 
  • Third place: Sammy (134 points)

Top competitors of 2022

Check back soon to find out when the 2022 iPad draw will take place.

The following competitors have been entered into the draw:

Top September competitors 

  • First place: Sepehr Shadkhast (166 points)
  • Second place: AP12 (154 points)
  • Third place: Hussein Olleik  (152 points) 

Top October competitors

  • First place: Anurag Shekhar (236 points)
  • Second place: Aditi Aditi  (227 points)
  • Third place: Ala Keramati (220 points)

Top November competitors 

  • First place: SDV
  • Second place: Dustin
  • Third place: Chloe

Top December competitors

  • First place: Nilay Kothari
  • Secon place: Dominique
  • Third place: George 
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