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Configuring MFA using the Microsoft Authenticator app on an iOS device

install Microsoft Authenticator app

Step 1

Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator App from the Apple Store.

Sign in using your Concordia email address

Step 2

After the app is installed, before performing any configuration in the app, please visit from your computer.

Sign in using your Concordia email address.

Concordia sign in

Step 3

You should be redirected to the Concordia login page, with your email address already filled in.

Enter your password and click ‘SIGN IN.’

More information required and Next button

Step 4

Click ‘Next.’

If MFA is not yet enabled on your account, you will not see this message and will advance right to the next step.



How should we contact you

Step 5

Change the selected method from ‘Authentication phone’ to ‘Mobile app.’

How do you want to use the mobile app

Step 6

Select ‘Receive notifications for verification’ and click ‘Set up.’

QR code

Step 7

You will be presented with a QR code. Do not click on anything yet on this screen.

Go back to your mobile device.

scan QR code

Step 8

Open the Authenticator app on your mobile device and choose ‘Scan QR code.’

Authenticator would like to access the camera

Step 9

Click ‘OK’ to allow the app to use your camera.

Authenticator would like to send you notifications

Step 10

Click ‘Allow’ to allow the app to send you notifications. This will be needed later.

Apple's notice about the collection of usage data

Step 11

Click ‘OK’ to acknowledge Apple’s notice about the collection of usage data.

scan QR code

Step 12

Using your mobile device, scan the QR code being presented on the web page on your computer.

configure mobile app and Next button

Step 13

Once your mobile device has scanned the QR code, return to your computer and click ‘Next.’

approve sign-in

Step 14

You will receive a notification on your mobile device. Click ‘Approve.’

additional security verification

Optional step

You will be asked to provide a mobile phone number as a backup authentication method. This is an optional step and can be skipped. To skip this step click on ‘Done.’

Please be careful not to click on the drop-down asking you to select a country, and do not click in the text field where the phone number is to be entered. Doing so alters the page and makes the fields become required.

If the page does not let you proceed, simply close the browser window. Your setup is complete and will not be lost.

NOTE: During the first day of usage you will receive a lot of pop-ups as all your systems sync to the new system. Once synced, you will only receive pop-ups every few months to authenticate.

Should you have any trouble during the authentication process, please refer to the contact information you received in your Concordia email regarding your multi-factor authentication onboarding. 

Need help? We are here to support you

For assistance you may reach the Service Desk via email at

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