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Research activities

The main objective consists in the development and use of techniques for the evaluation of energy efficiency in the existing houses and commercial buildings, as well as the design of energy-conscious buildings. The overall approach comprises the following activities:

  • Field measurements:
    • Evaluation of airtightness of buildings through a depressurisation test using blower doors
    • Monitoring of energy consumption of buildings or HVAC systems
    • Indoor air thermal parameters (air temperature, relative humidity, CO2)
    • Thermal comfort
    • Combustion Efficiency
  • Computer simulation of energy performance of buildings using programs such as DOE2.1E, BLAST, EnergyPlus, TRNSYS, EE4, HOT-2000 or PRISM.
  • Laboratory measurements of energy consumption of office equipment and house appliances are conducted.
  • Use of infrared thermography for the estimation of air leakage of building envelopes.

Facilities and equipment

The Environmental Comfort Chamber is a new facility used to study the relationship between thermal comfort and energy efficiency. Lab space: 100 sq. m

  • Thermal Comfort Meter ( B&K)
  • Indoor Climate Analyzer (B&K)
  • Blower Door Apparatus
  • Portable Meters ( Temp, % RH, Pressure, Flow etc. )

Research faculty

Radu Grigore Zmeureanu

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