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CEM-Graduated Students

Former Graduates (CEM)

Student  Research Title Program Year of Completion
Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) and Research Associates
AbuHamad, M. Performance of Concrete Bridge Decks using Ground Penetrating Radar PDF 2016
Bakry, I. Water Distribution Network Performance  PDF 2015
Ghodoosi poor, F. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for Highway Bridges PDF 2014
Motamedi, A. Location-based Facilities Management Using BIM and RFID PDF 2014
Zhang, C. Improving Crane Safety by Agent-Based Dynamic Motion Planning Using UWB Real-Time Location System PDF 2012
Elwakil, E. Failure Prediction of Oil Pipelines PDF 2011
Elazouni, A. Criticality Assessment of Activities in Finance-Based Scheduling Research Associate 2011
Ammar, M. Fuzzy-based LCC for Municipal Infrastructure  Research Associate 2009
Zangenehmadar, Z. Asset Management Tools for Sustainable Water Distribution Networks Ph.D 2016
Ahmed, E. Optimization-Based Simulation of Container Terminal Productivity using Yard Truck Double Cycling Ph.D 2015
El Fathali, H. Risk Assessment of Highway Assets Ph.D 2015
El Fathali, H.  Selection of Private Partners and Bankability Assessment of Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Projects Ph.D 2015
El-Abbasy, M. Finance Based Scheduling for Multi Projects using Multi resources Ph.D 2015
Ibrahim, M. Models for Efficient Automated Site Data Acquisition Ph.D 2015
Mawlana, M. Stochastic Simulation-based Optimization of Precast Box Girder Bridge Construction Projects Ph.D 2015
Salah, A.  Fuzzy Set-based Risk Management for Construction Projects Ph.D 2015
Sedghy, L. Risk/Criticality Assessment of Oil & Gas Pipelines Ph.D 2015
Vahdatikhaki, F. Towards Smart Earthwork Sites Using Location-Based Guidance and Multi-Agent Systems Ph.D 2015
Youssef, A. Asset Management Tools for Municipal Infrastructure Considering Interdependency and Vulnerability Ph.D 2015
AbuHamad, M. An Integrated Risk-Based Asset Management Framework for Subway Systems Ph.D 2014
Adhikari, R.  Image-based Condition Assessment for Concrete Bridge Inspection Ph.D 2014
Bakry, I. Optimized Scheduling of Repetitive Construction Projects under Uncertainty Ph.D 2014
Bakry, I.  Optimized Scheduling of Repetitive Construction Projects under Uncertainty Ph.D 2014
Dinh, K. Condition Assessment of Concrete Bridge Decks using Ground Penetrating Radar Ph.D 2014
Khan, Z. Community Driven Framework for Sustainable Municipal Asset Management Ph.D 2014
Khan, Z. Community Driven Framework for Sustainable Municipal Asset Management Ph.D 2014
Motamedi, A. Improving Facilities Lifecycle Management Using RFID Localization and BIM-Based Visual Analytics Ph.D 2014
Alzeriei, H.  Hybrid Simulation for Construction Operations Ph.D 2013
Ghodoosi poor, F. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) for New Constructed and Existing Bridges Ph.D 2013
Montaser, A.  Automated Site Data Acquisition for Effective Project Control Ph.D 2013
Shahata, K. Decision-Support Framework for Integrated Asset Management of Major Municipal Infrastructure. Current Job: Asset Management Specialist, City of London, Ontario, Canada.  Ph.D 2013
Eweda, A. Integrated Rating Framework for Buildings Using Building Information Modeling Ph.D 2012
Elwakil, E. Knowledge Discovery Based Simulation System in Construction.  Ph.D 2011
Qasem, A. Performance Assessment Model for Wastewater Treatment Plants.  Ph.D 2011
Salman, A. Reliability-Based Management of Water Distribution Networks.  Ph.D 2011
Salman, A. Reliability-Based Management of Water Distribution Networks Ph.D 2011
Simaan, N. Structural Performance Model for Subway Networks Ph.D 2011
Elyamany, A. A Rational Approach for Contractor Selection Based on History of Construction Quality and Long-Term Performance.  Ph.D 2010
Zhang, C. Improving Crane Safety by Agent-Based Dynamic Motion Planning Using UWB Real-Time Location Ph.D 2010
Fahmy, M. Integrated Multiple-Sensor Methodology for Condition Assessment of Water mains Ph.D 2009
Alshibani, A. Optimizing and Controlling Earthmoving Operations Using Spatial Technologies Ph.D 2008
El-Omari, S. Automated data Acquisition for Tracking and Control of Construction Projects Ph.D 2008
Ji, L. Web-based Integrated Project Control Ph.D 2004
Sadeghpour, F. CAD-based Model for Site Layout Ph.D 2004
Hassanein, A. Planning and Scheduling Highway Construction Using GIS and Dynamic Programming Ph.D 2002
Marzouk, M. Optimizing Earthmoving Operations Using Computer Simulation Ph.D 2002
Shehab-Eldeen, T. An Automated System for Detection, Classification and Rehabilitation of Defects in Sewer Pipes Ph.D 2002
Al-Hussein, M. Automated Crane Selection and Location on Construction Projects Ph.D 1999
El-Rayes, K. Optimized Scheduling for Repetitive Construction Projects Ph.D 1997
Lorterapong, P. Fuzzy Project-Network Scheduling Under Resource Constraints Ph.D 1995
Yuan, X. Computer Vision Techniques for Traffic Data Collection and Analysis Ph.D 1995
Hegazy, T. Integrated Bid Preparation with Emphasis on Risk Assessment Using Neural Networks Ph.D 1993
El-Hassan, W. 3D Modeling of Building Indoor Environments using Unmanned Aerial Systems M.A.Sc. 2016
El-Safty, N.  Automatic Hardhat Wearing Detection to Enhance Construction Site Safety M.A.Sc. 2016
Mohamed, A. Technology-based Assessment of Water Networks in Qatar M.A.Sc. 2016
Mohammed, A. Integrated Reliability Assessment of Water Distribution Networks M.A.Sc. 2016
Moursi, A. Reliability of Water Networks M.A.Sc. 2016
Pourhosseini, O. Availability-based Maintenance Scheduling in Domestic Hot Water Systems M.A.Sc. 2016
Selim, M. Water Distribution Network Performance M.A.Sc. 2016
Corrigan, J. Investigating the Use of RFID Technology in the Reverse Logistics of End-of-Service-Life Helicopters: A Hybrid Approach Based On Design for Six Sigma and Discrete-event Simulation M.A.Sc. 2015
Dejam, B. Design and Simulation of RFID-Enabled Aircraft Reverse Logistics Network via Agent-Based Modeling M.A.Sc. 2015
Kaddoura, K. Non-Destructive Evaluation Techniques for Sewer Pipelines M.A.Sc. 2015
Karimian, S. Water Pipelines Deterioration Modeling M.A.Sc. 2015
Karimian, S.F.  Failure Rate Prediction Models of Water Distribution Networks M.A.Sc. 2015
Langari, S.M. Enhanced Path Planning Method for Improving Safety and Productivity of Excavation Operations M.A.Sc. 2015
Masouleh, M.  Multi-attributed Selection of Excavation Methods in Tunneling Construction M.A.Sc. 2015
Sami, D. Technology-based Assessment of Sewer Networks M.A.Sc. 2015
Shami, A. Bridge Elements Inspection using GPR M.A.Sc. 2015
Youssefi, N Asset Risk Management for Electric Power Grids M.A.Sc. 2015
Aksiman, Y.  Planning and Control in Oil and Gas Turnarounds M.A.Sc. 2014
El Chanati, H. Performance Assessment of Water Network Infrastructure M.A.Sc. 2014
Gkountis, I. Infrastructure Performance Assessment of Subway Networks M.A.Sc. 2014
Guzmán, E.  Interoperability between Building Design and Performance Analysis M.A.Sc. 2014
Jabri, A. Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Earthmoving Operations M.A.Sc. 2014
Maghzi, S.  Improved Tower Cranes Operation Using Integrated 3D BIM Model and GPS Technology M.A.Sc. 2014
Masoudifar, N. Monitoring Occupancy and Office Equipment Energy Consumption Using Real-Time Location System and Wireless Energy Meters M.A.Sc. 2014
Moghaddam, D. Framework for Integrating Bridge Inspection Data with Bridge Information Model M.A.Sc. 2014
Mosleh, F. Fuzzy-Based Condition Assessment Model for Offshore Gas Pipelines in Qatar M.A.Sc. 2014
Najaty, A. Geo-Visual Analytics of Canada-US Trans-border Traffic Data M.A.Sc. 2014
Rafiee, M. Improving Indoor Security Surveillance by Fusing Data from BIM, UWB and Video M.A.Sc. 2014
Salimi, S. Performance Analysis of Simulation-based Multi-objective Optimization of Bridge Construction Processes Using High Performance Computing M.A.Sc. 2014
Setayeshgar, S. Improving Safety on Construction Sites Using BIM-Based Dynamic Virtual Fences and Ultra-Wideband Technology M.A.Sc. 2014
Siddiqui, H. UWB RTLS for Construction Equipment Localization: Experimental Performance Analysis and Fusion with Video Data M.A.Sc. 2014
Yaghi, S Integrated Remote Sensing Technologies for Condition Assessment of Concrete Bridges M.A.Sc. 2014
Zorana,  Multi-tiered Decision Support System for Selection of Project Delivery Systems for Capital Projects M.A.Sc. 2014
Azarm, R.  Material Status Index for Tracking and Progress Reporting of Construction Projects M.A.Sc. 2013
Mirahadi, S. Simulation-Based Construction Productivity Improvement Using Neural-Network-Driven Fuzzy Reasoning System M.A.Sc. 2013
Moufti, S. A Defect based Approach for Detailed Condition Assessment of Concrete Bridges M.A.Sc. 2013
Ranjbaran,Y.  Integrated Computational Model In Support of Value Engineering M.A.Sc. 2013
Soltani, M. Neighborhood Localization Method for Locating Construction Resources Using RFID and BIM M.A.Sc. 2013
Tajeen, T.  Dataset Development for Construction Equipment Recognition M.A.Sc. 2013
Abdrabou, B. Failure Prediction Model for Oil Pipelines M.A.Sc. 2012
Adetiloye, K. Design of RFID-enabled Aircraft Reverse Logistics Network Simulation  M.A.Sc. 2012
Ahmed, M. Criticality Assessment of Activities in Financed-Based Scheduling M.A.Sc. 2012
Aloqaily, M. Multiparty/Multimedia Conferencing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks for Improving Communications between Firefighters  M.A.Sc. 2012
Asen, Y. Building Information Modeling Based Integration and Visualization for Facilities Management  M.A.Sc. 2012
Doriani, A. Simulation-Based 4D Modeling for Planning and Scheduling of Elevated Urban Highway Reconstruction Projects M.A.Sc. 2012
Mahmoodreza, P. A Model for Selecting Project Delivery Systems in Post-Conflict Construction Projects M.A.Sc. 2012
Moosavi, F.  Assessment and Evaluation of Detailed Schedules in Building Construction M.A.Sc. 2012
Salah,A. Fuzzy Set-based Contingency Estimating and Management M.A.Sc. 2012
El Shennawy, N. Multiple Criteria Decision Making Model for the Procurement of Facility-fitted Equipment M.A.Sc. 2011
El Sherbiny, A.  A knowledge-based System for Contract Administration M.A.Sc. 2011
Jian, J. Development of a Web Service for Visualizing the Data of Ultra Wideband Real-Time Location System  M.A.Sc. 2011
Lim, W.F. Evaluation of the Use of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Structural Concrete M.A.Sc. 2011
Roofigari, N. Project Schedule Compression Considering Multi-objective Decision Environment M.A.Sc. 2011
Rozhdestvenskiy, D. Product Tracking and Direct Parts Marking System Optimization M.A.Sc. 2011
Sato, Y. Location-based Responsive Space for Multimedia Environment Using Ultra-wideband Technology  M.A.Sc. 2011
Syeda N. Communicating urban density: Assessing the challenges and op M.A.Sc. 2011
Albahnassi, H. Real-Time Motion Planning and Simulation of Cranes in Construction M.A.Sc. 2010
Ali, R. Productivity Studies of Selected Construction Processes M.A.Sc. 2010
Atef, A. Optimal Condition Assessment Policies for Water and Sewer Infrastructure M.A.Sc. 2010
Rodrigez, S. Experimental Study on Location Tracking of Construction Resources Using UWB for Better Productivity and Safety M.A.Sc. 2010
Saini, R. Data Protection of RFID-based Distributed Storage M.A.Sc. 2010
Tabra, W. Flexible Pavement Condition-Rating Model for Maintenance and Rehabilitation Selection.  M.A.Sc. 2010
Fares, H. Evaluating Water Main Failure Risk Using a Hierarchical Fuzzy Expert System M.A.Sc. 2009
Hijazi, W. Constructability Assessment Platform Using Customized BIM and 4D Models M.A.Sc. 2009
Hu, B. Quality of Spatial Information for Municipal Infrastructure Management M.A.Sc. 2009
Mahmoud, M. Productivity Analysis of Horizontal Directional Drilling.  M.A.Sc. 2009
Mohamed, E. Fund Allocation and Rehabilitation Planning for Water Main Projects.  M.A.Sc. 2009
Motamedi, A. Framework for Lifecycle Management of Facilities Components Using RFID Technology M.A.Sc. 2009
Xiaohui, X., Trending and Forecasting in Construction Operations M.A.Sc. 2009
Zakikhani, S. Structural Health Monitoring Using Wireless Sensors and Damage Detection of Civil Infrastructures M.A.Sc. 2009
Pakniat, P. Optimizing Bridge Decks Maintenance Strategies based on Probabilistic Performance Prediction using Genetic Algorithm M.A.Sc. 2008
Wang, H. Distributed Augmented Reality for Visualizing Collaborative Construction Tasks M.A.Sc. 2008
Chughtai, F. Integrated Condition Assessment Models for Sustainable Sewer Pipelines.  M.A.Sc. 2007
Rahman, S. Condition Assessment Tool For Elements Of Drinking Water Treatment Plant.  M.A.Sc. 2007
Ranjabaran, A.  Planning and Control of Institutional and Commercial High-rise Buildings M.A.Sc. 2007
Sharifi, R. Productivity Assessment for Fixed Steel Jacket Platform Fabrication M.A.Sc. 2007
Al-Barqawi, H. Condition Rating Models for Underground Infrastructure: Sustainable Water Mains. (won the 2nd place in the CSCE 2006 competition within theses across Canada) M.A.Sc. 2006
Farran, M. Life Cycle Cost For Rehabilitation Of Public Infrastructures: Application To Montreal Metro System.  M.A.Sc. 2006
Haggag, T.  Tracking and Controlling Engineering Deliverables for EPC Projects M.A.Sc. 2006
Shahata, K. Stochastic Life Cycle Cost Analysis for Water Mains. M.A.Sc. 2006
Simaan, N. Subway Station Diagnosis Index (SSDI): A Condition Assessment Model M.A.Sc. 2006
Wang, Y. Deterioration and Condition Rating Analysis of Water Mains M.A.Sc. 2006
Wang, Y. Deterioration and Condition Rating Analysis for Water Mains.  M.A.Sc. 2006
Al-Aghbar, A. Automated Selection of Trenchless Technology for Rehabilitation of Water Mains M.A.Sc. 2005
Fadae, S. Impact of Population Intensification near Transit Nodes on Montreal Traffic Assignment M.A.Sc. 2005
Hong, P. Cell Based Representation and Analysis of Spatial Resources n Construction Simulation M.A.Sc. 2005
Khan, Z. Modeling and Parameter Ranking of Construction Labor Productivity M.A.Sc. 2005
Tan, X.Y. Automatic Code Compliance Checking in Designing Building Envelopes M.A.Sc. 2005
Wang, F. On-site Labor Productivity Estimation using Neural Networks M.A.Sc. 2005
Yan, J.X. A Survey of the State of Bridge Management in Canada M.A.Sc. 2005
Yang, L. Ad-hoc Wireless Networking for Supporting On-Site Communication M.A.Sc. 2005
El Ammari, K. Visualization, Data Sharing and Interoperability Issues in Model-Based facilities Management Systems M.A.Sc. 2004
Khabeer, B.  Framework for Indoor Video-based Augmented Reality Applications M.A.Sc. 2004
Mozafari, E. Creating and Testing Urban Virtual Reality Models for Engineering Applications M.A.Sc. 2004
Hu, Y.X.  Mobile Location-Based Bridge Inspection Decision-Support System M.A.Sc. 2003
Zhang, C. Spatio-Tempora Visualization and Analysis for Infrastructure Management Systems M.A.Sc. 2003
Hua S.H. IFC-Based Framework for Evaluating Building Envelope Performance M.A.Sc. 2002
Assem, I. Estimating Productivity Losses Due to Change Orders M.A.Sc. 2001
Zahnan, L. Computer-Aided Design-Based Project Management Model M.A.Sc. 2001
Ramanathan, R. Computerized Scheduling and Control of Residential Housing Projects M.A.Sc. 2000
Alamin, B.A. Analysis of Construction Loads on Concrete Formwork M.A.Sc. 1999
Alshaibani, A. A Computerized Cost and Schedule Control System for Construction Projects M.A.Sc. 1999
Siqueira, I. Neural Network-Based Cost Estimating M.A.Sc. 1999
Hason, S. Feasibility and Implementation of Automation and Robotics in Canadian Building Construction Operations M.A.Sc. 1994
Abitbol, L. Leak Detection and Repair of Transmission Water Mains M.Eng 2015
Guerrero, M.  Integrated Asset Management of Municipal Infrastructure: A case study approach M.Eng 2014
Darvish, M.  Review on Concurrent Delays in Construction Industry M.Eng 2013
Halim, F. Development of Work Packages in Engineering, Procurement and Construction M.Eng 2013
Rofail, S.  Change Management in EPCM Projects M.Eng 2013
Alazragh, A.  Project Time-cost Trade-off Analysis: a case study approach M.Eng 2012
Alzaletni, M.  Progress Reporting of Building Construction using BIM M.Eng 2012
Said, A.  Procurement Laws and Regulations in the Egyptian Public Sector: Comparative Study M.Eng 2011
Ahmed, I. Optimized Construction with Lean Principles M.Eng 2010
Guo, Y. Integrated Municipal Asset Performance: a case study approach M.Eng 2010
Jiao, B.  Selection of Highway Projects in China M.Eng 2010
Azeez, K. Fuzzy-Based Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Sewer Pipelines M.Eng 2009
Mawlana, M. Construction Demolition Techniques M.Eng 2009
Nazeem, P. Lean Construction M.Eng 2009
Abbas, N. Safety Management of Tower Cranes M.Eng 2007
Al-Issa, A. Project Cash Flow Factors - Contractor's Perspectives M.Eng 2006
Bukhari, H. Resource Management for Municipal Utility Maintenance and Repairs M.Eng 2006
Di Niro, M., Concession Contracts in BOT Procurement Strategy M.Eng 2006
He, C. Project Management Practices in Bank-financed Infrastructure Projects in China M.Eng 2006
Shang, G. Construction Company Performance Measurement M.Eng 2006
Ali, S.F. Trenchless Technology Applications to Sewer and Water Pipelines M.Eng 2005
Baciu, S. Spatial Analysis in Simulation of Construction Operations  M.Eng 2005
Daneshyar, S Quantitative Risk Analysis of Construction Projects M.Eng 2005
Salman, A. Impact on Environment of Trenchless Technology.  M.Eng 2005
Murad, M. Decision Support System for Bid/No Bid Decision Using Neural Networks M.Eng 2004
Geara, F. Automated Cost Control in Medium Sized Construction Companies M.Eng 2003
Zhang, J. Project Cost Control in Building Construction: a Case Study Approach M.Eng 2003
Zhao, Y.  The Application of Pipe-Bursting in the Rehabilitation of Underground Pipelines M.Eng 2002
Abdo, D. A Neural Network Model for Quantifying the Impact of Change Orders on Construction Productivity M.Eng 1999
Fadaka, T.I. Weather Impact on Construction Production M.Eng 1999
Li, W. Planning, Scheduling and Performance Tracking M.Eng 1999
Elfekhfakh, K. Contingency Estimation: a Decision Support System M.Eng 1997
Hook, P. The Effect of Various Constrained Scheduling Heuristics on Project Net Present V1alue M.Eng 1996
Gruia-Gray, J. Integrated Cost and Schedule Control of Critical Work Packages M.Eng 1992
MacLellan, L. Design Innovation:  the Case of Public Buildings in Nova Scotia M.Eng 1992
Wachira, I. Analysis of Cost and Scheduling Overruns M.Eng 1992
Zaki, S. A Modified Approach for Schedule Variance Measurement M.Eng 1992
Mwanyumba, N.E. Construction Industry Practices in Kenya with Emphasis on the Process of Selection of Contractors M.Eng 1991
El Kady, A. Characteristics of the Construction Industry in Egypt with Emphasis on Productivity M.Eng 1990
Fiore, M. Project Management in Industrial Loss Prevention Engineering M.Eng 1990
Ho, S. Work Breakdown Structure and Integrated Control M.Eng 1990
Leigh, M. Tracking and Control of Multi-Small Projects M.Eng 1990
Mansur, F. Line of Balance Method M.Eng 1990
Cammalleri, V Knowledge Structuring and Causal Modeling for Building Diagnostics M.Eng 1989
Nicholas, M. Hybrid Expert System Concept for Construction Planning and Scheduling M.Eng 1989
Basso, T. Cost Control Model for Multiple-Contract Industrial Projects M.Eng 1988
Leonard, C.A. The Effects of Change Orders on Productivity M.Eng 1988
Martel, H.P. The Impact of the Occupational Health and Safety Act on the Construction Industry in the Province of Québec M.Eng 1988
Deb, D. Selection of Construction Project under Risk M.Eng 1987
Khambhla, A.D. Cost Control - Estimating for Design Professionals M.Eng 1987
Théberge, P. Fast Tracking of Construction Projects: Analysis and Assessment M.Eng 1987
Martinelli-Bello, A. Bid Evaluation: A Multiattribute Utility Approach M.Eng 1986
Bedros, G. NSERC Scholarship:Underground Infrastructure Productivity Undergrad 2007
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