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Arts therapy sessions

The main program at the Centre for the Arts in Human Development provides group therapy in four creative arts therapies modalities – art therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, and dance/movement therapy – to participant cohorts who attend the program for a three-year period. In addition, individual therapy is provided to selected participants within the cohort and to individuals referred from external resources.

The Centre has an ongoing partnership agreement with the West Montreal Readaptation Centre (CIUSSS-ODIM)  and Miriam Home and Services (CIUSSS-Centre Ouest) for the provision of therapeutic services. Significant and observable improvements in self-esteem, confidence and social skills have been documented.

Referrals are through the individual’s social worker or educator from a readaptation centre or CLSC. There is a waiting list for the program. Names are added to the waiting list until the admission process begins every two years. Priority is given to users from the CIUSSS-ODIM and CIUSSS-Centre Ouest. During the admission process, the Centre will invite the referring worker to complete an application form and schedule an interview for the individual, a family member/caregiver and the referring worker.

Readaptation centres are required to contribute financially for particpants reffered and accepted into the program. Participants in the Centre’s program are also required to contribute financially each year ($400 in 2022).

The selection criteria is based on many factors, such as:

  • Candidates must be over age 21
  • Must be neurodivergent or have a mild to moderate intellectual/developmental disability
  • Candidates must personally be interested in being part of the program
  • Must be independent in daily living skills (hygiene, eating, dressing)
  • No recent history of aggression (two years without major agression) 
  • Must be currently stable if there is a history of psychiatric diagnosis (two years of stability)
  • Must be interested in the arts (at least two of drama, dance, visual arts, music)
  • Must have a therapeutic need for the program (such as improved self-esteem, anxiety reduction, social skill improvement, improved communication skills)
  • Must be willing to participate in group therapies
  • Must have sufficient mobility to walk around the campus in all weather conditions and use some stairs
  • Must be willing to commit to being part of the program for at least two years
  • Family members/caregivers must be supportive of the candidates participation
  • Family members/caregivers that are interested in playing a supportive role with the organization would be an asset
  • The Centre strives to create cohesive groups of people who will work well together for everyone’s benefit

If you are interested in applying to the Centre's program, please have the individual's social worker or educator make a referral to Lenore Vosberg at

The Centre is currently taking referrals for its new creative arts therapies program for francophone adults.

This will be a 2-year pilot project for 10 individuals. Each participant will receive a combination of art, music, dance/movement or drama therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays, following the Concordia University academic schedule. The  first year of the program will start at the end of September 2022 until May 2023.

The Centre is currently taking referrals its next cohort of its program for anglophone clients that will begin its three-year program in September 2022

The Centre for the Arts in Human Development accepts a group of 20 individuals into its program every two years. This group attends the Centre on Mondays and Fridays for the first two years of the program, following Concordia’s academic calendar, and has the option of attending for a third year on Wednesdays.

Possibilities also exist for individual therapy with creative arts therapies interns for the 2022-2023 year. Social workers or educators may make referrals for their clients to Lenore Vosberg at 


Support the CAHD

Every donation is important for the centre to continue its work.

You are welcome to donate online, or you can mail cheques to:

Concordia University
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Please make cheques payable to:
Concordia University (CAHD)

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