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Minor in Music

The Minor in Music is particularly attractive to students from other disciplines - theatre, dance, communications, interdisciplinary studies and others - who have a particular desire to extend their musical knowledge and skills for personal growth and development.

The Minor in Music is offered in classical and contemporary style. There is no Minor in Jazz Studies.  In order to be eligible to enter into the Minor in Music you must be completing your first 30 credits at Concordia.


For a list of required courses, please download the Program Guide according to your year of entry. Find course descriptions here. Schedules for courses are available on the class schedules website.

Note: Students enrolled in the Minor in Music are excluded from taking private study instruction for credit.

  • There is no audition required for this program.  You must already be Concordia student in a Major other than the Major in Music.
  • Once you are accepted as a student at Concordia and wish to add a Minor in Music, please download the "Internal Transfer of Program Request Form" and complete the theory test online here.
  • Applicants to the Minor in Music must write a Basic Theory Test, after submitting the Transfer Program form (See next section).


Basic Theory Testing

After submitting the Transfer of Program form, please complete the Basic Theory Test by clicking here.

The basic screening is the minimal requirement for admission – you should be comfortable with intervals, basic chord construction, keys, scales, and rhythms. Higher level placement tests are available upon request, if you have had prior formal music training and would be ready for more advanced courses.

Note: A Minor must be combined with a Major or Specialization in another discipline; it may not be taken on its own.

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