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ARTH 648 Aspects of Museum and Curatorial Studies: International Art Exhibitions

  • Thursdays, 11:30-14:30
  • EV-3-760 SGW
  • Instructor: Dr. Alice Ming Wai Jim

How are major perennial art exhibitions responding to the age of increased global migration and mobility? What are current strategies in critical and curatorial practices addressing the shifting terrains of contemporary art from the older centre-periphery model to the representation of various art worlds, each with its own processes of self-constitution, geopolitics, and demands of the art market? This seminar examines broad critical, cultural and socio-political issues that concern international exhibitions of art presented in museums, art galleries and other sites of public display. Key issues and methodologies to be explored include biennialism, mobile cultures, cultural tourism, the museumification of cities, global art histories, migration studies, travelling concepts in the humanities and the capitalist economy of knowledge. As core case studies, the seminar will reflect on Montreal's MOMENTA 2019: BIENNALE DE L'IMAGE and the National Gallery of Canada's quinquennial International Indigenous Art Exhibition 2019.

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