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Beaded Bike(s): Collaborative Work In Progress

October 13 - November 14, 2016

Artists/Curators: The Uppity NDNs are an Indigenous ladies’ bike collective who decolonize, have opinions & find freedom through biking. Started from a conversation between Camille Usher and Cheli Nighttraveller in early 2016, and further catalyzed by the enthusiastic involvement of Isabella Weetaluktuk, a core group of Indigenous artists/activists/biking enthusiasts has formed and continues to evolve as the collective attracts new collaborators such as Cedar-Eve, Emilee Guevara, Adrienne Huard, and Dayna Danger, among others.

During the duration of the exhibition (October 14-November 14), members of the Uppity NDNs Bike Collective will be gathering to bead bikes and hold discussions surrounding some of the core issues that bring the collective together; decolonizing in our communities, freedom and autonomy for Indigenous women, and the visibility and representation of Indigenous peoples in Western culture.  As we experiment with filling our bike frames up with bead work, we will also be exploring what it means to be a group of Indigenous women who care, have opinions, ride bikes and sometimes bead. The Uppity NDNs will use the vitrine to display the outcomes of their beading, biking, and bonding as the month progresses.  We invite you to check back often, and possibly catch us as we gather to collaborate and converse.

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