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March 11 - 22, 2016

Artists: The Doodys (Jordan Blue and David James Doody)

Curators: Hannah Morgan aand Damien Smith, in conjunction with the Art History Graduate Student Association Conference 'Vitriol'  

Blurring the boundaries between the rational and the absurd, the measurable and the metaphysical, we work to explore the hybridization of narratives, symbols and associative meanings focusing on the materialism of cultural codification. With a genuine commitment to experimentation and improvisation, we seek to liberate the imagination from a singular or fixed point of conscious understanding. We strive to create works that resist dogmatic interpretations in favour of a deliberate and defiant openness. Through subjectivity of interpretation and the multiplicity of meaning, our practice flows freely along the dimensional tensions between painting, new-media and sculpture. By sampling freely from a multitude of materials, methodologies and inspirations, we are able to remix unlimited individual histories, societal contexts and cultural intersections.

As sculptors we are interested in wading in  the bracish waters between image and materiality. Investigating the tactile qualities of sculpture in the face of screen culture and the post internet age of the image explosion. We construct physical metaphors that reflect the deluge and constant flow of visual information in contemporary culture. Wrapping the immaterial and the subconscious in a mercurial blanket of contemporary psychedelia, we transform the formless into tactile physical objects.

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