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MA Thesis procedures

Steps for proposing, completing and submitting a Thesis

Thesis Proposal and Writing Process

  1.  Student develops preliminary thesis idea and chooses a full-time faculty member to be Thesis Advisor.
  2.  In consultation with Thesis Advisor, student writes a thesis proposal and selects other members of a Thesis Advisory Committee.
  3. Once the Thesis Advisor has approved the Thesis Proposal, the student submits copies of Thesis Proposal to the Thesis Committee for their review and schedules a time for a Thesis Proposal Meeting.
  4. Thesis Proposal Meeting (Chaired by Thesis Advisor).
  5. Student submits copies of Thesis Proposal meeting summary and recommendations, including proposal modifications to the Department Graduate Program Office, EV-2.631, within 2 weeks of proposal meeting.
  6. If the research involves human subjects, the thesis Advisor submits an SPF to the UHREC for approval.
  7. Student completes thesis under supervision of Thesis Advisor.
  8. Once the thesis is approved by the Thesis Advisor for distribution to the Committee, the student distributes the Thesis among the Thesis Committee members.
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