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Teaching assistantships

Teaching assistantships and department service contracts are valuable academic learning opportunities for graduate students to gain practical pedagogic skills alongside expert faculty; develop transferable skills that benefit academic and professional careers through leadership, organization, communication and presentation skills; master professional tasks; and diversify experience for teaching dossiers.

In our department, we strive to ensure as many students as possible have the opportunity to TA and/or undertake service as part of their program of study. TA ship/service contracts are determined by the Department, in order of priority:

  • recruitment for incoming students and qualifications
  • current students who have not held a TA/service contract previously
  • students are within expected program completion limits
  • special circumstances

Depending on the position, an interview may be required. We receive many more applications than we have positions, and encourage students to apply outside of Art Education as well.

TA service activities may include, but are not limited to: administrative tasks such as management of supplies and undergraduate classroom; student-teacher supervision in our BFA Major and Specialization programs; technical support in the studio/lab courses; and tutorial leaders/teaching assistants.  You may be required to prepare lab demonstrations, mark assignments, lead reading groups, and/or meet with students, in accordance with the requirements of the course instructor. 

In accordance with Article 16 of the TRAC (Teaching and Research Assistants at Concordia) agreement, TA ships are offered to students as an incentive for enrolment or awarded by the Department based on qualifications  for such appointments. TA contracts are normally awarded for an academic term or less. Subsequent contracts may be awarded at the discretion of the Department.  

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