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Indigenous History Month

Wa'tkwanonhwerá:ton. Welcome. Bienvenue.

Wa'tkwanonhwerá:ton is a formal greeting in Kanien'kéha (Mohawk language) that means, ‘Our minds greet yours.’

We would like to acknowledge that Concordia University is located on unceded Indigenous lands. The Kanien’kehá:ka Nation is recognized as the custodians of Tiohtià:ke/Montréal, the lands and waters on which we gather today.

As we commemorate Indigenous History Month, let us embark on a collective journey of enlightenment, solidarity, and reconciliation. Let us honour Indigenous knowledge, amplify Indigenous voices. 

Spirit Walk Montreal

June 15, 2024 on Mount Royal
Virtually from June 1-15 2024

Since 2013, the Spirit Walk has been an important moment for the Montreal community to actively take steps toward reconciliation and raise essential funds for the Native Women's Shelter of Montreal services. 

Indigenous Graduation

Concordia University and the Otsenhákta Student Centre are honoured to celebrate and congratulate all Indigenous Concordia graduates!

See photos from this year's celebration

Suzanne Kite

Hél čhaŋkú kiŋ ȟpáye (There lies the road), was presented by Concordia's FOFA Gallery from June - November, 2023.

Suzanne Kite: “The creation of new things, including AI, has the potential for ethics when using established frameworks for respect of all beings.” | Photo of Kite courtesy of Banff Centre

Dr. Suzanne Kite's public art installation blended ambient sound and hand-painted graphics inspired by her Ph.D. research, in collaboration with Bobby Joe Smith III. 

In Lakȟóta traditions, materials like metals and minerals each have unique essences and relationships to humans. “The Imákȟaheye (Method) graphics installed at the FOFA Gallery are designed as visual representations of my theories for developing and maintaining future relationships to nonhumans,” Kite says.

"In my artwork, I explore the boundaries of what is ethically possible with technology. I have a wide range of artworks that use tools like DeepFakes and natural language processing to critique the relationships between AI and colonialism,” she says.

Our faculty

Explore the profiles of our newest Indigenous faculty members and learn more about their research, publications and contributions to their respective fields. Each profile provides a glimpse into the unique expertise and contributions these individuals bring to Concordia. 

4th Space events

Explore these events that offer an opportunity to hear from Indigenous voices and gain a deeper understanding of their rich histories and cultures. Join live or watch recordings of past events designed to educate, inspire, and strengthen your connection to Indigenous communities and their enduring legacies.

Participate on social media by sharing photos of your National Indigenous History Month activities with the hashtags #NIHM2024 #NIPD2024 #CU4thSpace



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How do you say...

Lean some basic words in Cree, Mi’kmaq and Kanienké:ha

Indigenous days of significance

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Five-Year Strategic Implementation Plan

The CTL's Office of Decolonizing Curriculum and Pedagogy launched the Five-Year Strategic Implementation Plan on decolonizing and Indigenizing curriculum and pedagogy.

National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day was announced in 1996 by then Governor General of Canada, Roméo LeBlanc, through the Proclamation Declaring June 21 of Each Year as National Aboriginal Day. This was the result of consultations and statements of support for such a day made by various Indigenous groups.

Learn moreSee what's happening in Cabot Square

Otsenhákta Student Centre Pow Wow

A day of feasting, dancing and singing open to all

Friday, September 13, 2024

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