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Salon sessions

Session 1
Thursday October 20, 18h00, EV6.735

Title: "Models"

Session 2
Thursday October 21, 18h00, EV6.735

Title: "Melting"

Description: Multiple, rapid-fire presentations in an informal setting designed to provoke conviviality and dialogue. Come to session one for discussion of existing and in-progress models of art+science collaboration from around Concordia (Embedded Faculty Initiative, CUPFA Microlinks and FOYER) and elsewhere. Session two attempts to melt things together... come to hear and talk about everything from drawings made by caterpillars to zero-energy solar houses to images of the brain clock in mice!

Invited speakers: Learn more about invited speakers

Shimon Amir (CSBN - Concordia, Centre for Studies in Behavioural Neurobiology)

Andreas Athienitis ("My Solar House", Concordia, Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies)

Ingrid Bachmann (Concordia, Hybrid Bodies project)

Tagny Duff ("Mangling Methodologies Across Art and Science", Associate Professor in the Department of Communication Studio, Concordia)

Louise-Marie Bouchard ("The Art of Creativity" Concordia, CUPFA)

Joe Davis (MIT/Harvard Medical School )

Van Suong Hoa (CONCOM - Concordia Centre For Composites)

David Howes (Centre For Sensory Studies, Concordia)

Peter Flemming (Concordia, Embedded Faculty Initiative)

Gabriella Fuchs (Mexico/Topological Media Lab visiting artist, FOFA)

Naj Mahani ("Brain, Self and Society" - PERFORM Centre, Concordia)

Kim Morgan (NSCAD)

Catherine Mulligan (CIWESS - Concordia Institute for Water, Energy and Sustainable Systems)

Allison Reiko Loader ("En Masse” Concordia, FOFA, CUPFA)

Dr. Patricia McKeever (health sociologist, U of T/Hybrid Bodies project)

Lorraine Oades (CUPFA Microlinks)

Dr. Heather Ross (Cardiology, University Health Network, Toronto/Hybrid Bodies project)

Dr. Andrew Ryder (CCRH - Centre for Clinical Research in Health, Concordia)

Christine Swintak (Concordia, FOYER project)

Adrian Tsang (Center for Functional and Structural Genomics, Concordia)

Cristian Zaelzer-Perez (McGill, Neuroscience/Convergence Initiative)

...and more!

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