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Blood, Brains and Other Trains

Thoughts on Emerging Collaborations & Camaraderie in the Arts and Sciences

October 19 - 22, 2016

embedded-faculty 'Image from the glomerular cell layer of the olfactory bulb of a rat,' courtesy Dr Nuria de Zavalia, Concordia Center for Studies in Behavioral Neurobiology

What do the arts have to do with nano-science, molecular modeling, or material composites? A lot, it turns out. Our conversations range from shared interests in visualization and the material manifestation of abstract concepts and unseeable matter, to the uses of various tools and technologies that every investigator/practitioner relies upon, to simple questions about ways of working and thinking.

This socially oriented colloquium looks at common interests and shared goals between the arts and sciences, providing a meeting ground for anyone interested in forming further links between the disciplines. Commencing with a book-launch and continuing with two keynotes, two salon sessions and a workshop, the colloquium highlights many of Concordia’s cross-disciplinary research initiatives (Embedded Faculty Initiative, CUPFA Microlinks and FOYER) alongside models from elsewhere (MIT, NSCAD, U of T, Harvard Medical School). Download or print full programme


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