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Nadia Naffi will lead a 3-day workshop on using social media for Creating Learning Against Radicalization (CLEAR)

September 8, 2017

Nadia Naffi, PhD candidate in Educational Technology, and SSHRC Storytellers contest winner, will participate in the inaugural Concordia Institute on Creating Learning Against Radicalization (CLEAR) at the Department of Education, Concordia University.

She will lead one of six exciting teams to “collaboratively develop pedagogical deliverables on the broad theme of counter-radicalization education.”

The 3-day workshop led by Naffi will focus on using social media for CLEAR.

The 2017 CLEAR Institute will take place at Concordia University from September 22-24, 2017.

“The deliverables developed at the Institute will be refined and made available through the Teaching about Extremism, Terror, and Trauma Research Group (TETT) for use by educators in a variety of settings to teach about counter-radicalization.”

Learn more about the Third International Symposium on Teaching about Extremism, Terror and Trauma.


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