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Spotlight Event: The Logic of Postcolonial Museums: South Asia Edition

May 5, 2023
By Varda Nisar

An image of four men holding the flag of Pakistan and representing their ethnic affiliation through their dressing. The image is superimposed with text mentioning the name of the panel, and speakers. The Logic of the Postcolonial Museum: South Asia Museum - a conversation with scholars working on museums in South Asia.

This spotlight event, conceptualized and moderated by Varda Nisar, doctoral candidate in art history and Public Scholar, discusses the postcolonial museums as a nuanced entity, which can only be understood through the specific histories of a particular community/nation, the locale, the transnational and transglobal networks in which the museum originates.

The conversation was held on 6th March 2023 with speakers Kanika Singh, Mrinalini Venkateswaran, Shaila Bhatti, and Tanzim Wahab.

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