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Article: Video gaming can bolster classroom learning, but not without teacherĀ support

February 7, 2023
By Scott DeJong

A young boy sits in a chair in front of a computer screen playing a game. Videogames and learning are only becoming more prevalent, but not without their challenges. | Credit: Kelly Sikkema

This article by Scott DeJong, doctoral candidate in communication and Public Scholar, investigates the challenges of using educational videogames in the classroom. Published on January 17, 2023 in collaboration with The Conversation Canada it builds from his larger dissertation work on learning games and disinformation.This op-ed by Scott DeJong, doctoral candidate in Communications and Public Scholar, discusses how the television show Stranger Things' most recent season provides a powerful visual of modern conspiracy theory woes. DeJong connects the conspiracy theory narrative on the screen with the issues we have seen come up around conspiracy theory these past few years. This piece was published on July 10 in the Conversation Canada.

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