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‘Wherever I go, I will champion this great university’

A farewell message from Concordia President Alan Shepard
June 20, 2019
By Alan Shepard


As my time at Concordia nears its end, I want to send a note of farewell and thanks.

Concordians welcomed my family and me with open arms in 2012 — thank you. At alumni events in Montreal and around the world, I was impressed by your direct, open nature and inspired by your enthusiasm — for your time at Concordia as much as for our society’s future. That’s why I was touched and extremely proud to be given honorary alumni status this spring.

It means I join an important network. Look at any of the world’s greatest universities and you’ll see it’s backed by a strong alumni network. Concordia has shaped us and will always be a part of who we are. How can we, in turn, help shape the next generation together?

We can come back to our campuses for events. You’re always welcome here.

We can donate our time. Get involved with your local alumni association chapter or your home department or faculty. Mentor students or recent graduates. Organize co-op placements. Help illuminate paths for bright Concordians toward fulfilling careers that strengthen our social fabric.

We can contribute to the Campaign For Concordia: Next Gen. Now. We’re well past the halfway mark in your alma mater’s largest ever fundraising effort. Join in supporting next-gen ideas and talent so Concordians can continue to have next-gen impact.

Alumni are our greatest ambassadors. Wherever I go, I will champion this great university. I hope you, too, will take pride and help keep the Concordia buzz alive.

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Alan Shepard

In June 2019, Concordia University President and Vice-Chancellor Alan Shepard steps down after seven years. Watch this video of his final message to the Concordia community.

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