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Highlight of his university experience

“Space Concordia is in such a good position now because everyone in the field in Canada knows it.”
February 8, 2019
By Damon van der Linde

Jan Clarence Dee , BEng 17, is a consultant at Euroconsult, a Montreal-based consulting and analyst firm specializing in satellite-enabled vertical markets.

Jan Clarence Dee Space Concordia was “by far the highlight of my university experience,” says Jan Clarence Dee, now a consultant at Euroconsult in Montreal

How did your time with Space Concordia influence your career choice? 

Jan Clarence Dee: “Space Concordia is the reason I am in the space industry in the first place. I wasn’t actually that into space when I was a kid. I grew up in the Philippines, where there was no space industry. I moved to Canada and, at the time I was looking at universities, Chris Hadfield was releasing his videos from space. This was also when Concordia won first place at the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge, and I thought it was so interesting that I could actually work on satellites this early in my career. I immediately joined and I haven’t looked back.”

What was your most remarkable Space Concordia experience? 

JCD: “Being a team lead at Space Concordia. Before, I didn’t think of myself as much of a leader, and being put in that position with responsibility was very challenging but very enriching. It was a lot of hard work, but it was well worth it. I learned so many things and met so many cool people not only in school but in the industry as well.”

Had you not joined Space Concordia, would your university experience have been as enriching? 

JCD: “Space Concordia is by far the highlight of my university experience and is the reason for all the opportunities that came my way. In fact, I owe almost every offer I got and everything I learned to Space Concordia. It also opened my eyes to the world of space and the many fields beyond just satellite engineering. After working in the field, I wanted to try something new and focus on the business aspect of space. Right now, I work as a space consultant researching different market trends, advising government agencies and studying new space projects around the world. The space industry is actually a small field. Once you make your mark everybody knows you, and Space Concordia is in such a good position because everyone in the field in Canada knows about it.”

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