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‘As alumni, we owe our success to what our university experience has given us’

For the love of the game — and Concordia
September 21, 2018
By Donald Meehan, BA 72

Donald Meehan, BA 72 Donald Meehan, BA 72, is president of Newport Sports Management, ranked by Forbes magazine as the most valuable National Hockey League player agency in the world, with US$1.25 billion in contracts under management. He established the Donald E. Meehan Athletics Scholarship and Bursary at Concordia in 2017.

“After passing the legal bar and spending three years working for a law firm in corporate commercial work, I decided to pursue my passion and dedicate my time to a sports management company I incorporated in 1980. It was called Newport Sports Management. I then began presenting my credentials to prospective clients.

My first meaningful success was in the 1983 National Hockey League Draft, where I represented a total of 15 players. I’d always hoped my company would grow to be where it is today, but I never had expectations that it would.

My time at Concordia gave me a very broad-based education in the arts, which is something I very much value because it made me aware of events in the world and the history of my own country. I would not be where I am today without my education at Concordia.

Because I know how difficult it was to mobilize my finances and work part-time to pay for my expenses when I attended school, I have decided to give back to my alma mater. As alumni, we owe our success today to what our university experience has given us. I’m just delighted that I can assist student athletes in the form of scholarships.

I recently toured the sporting facilities at Concordia and was so impressed with what they offer and the progressive work their researchers are doing rehabilitating injured athletes. They are so advanced that I decided to commit to helping prospective student athletes at the university.”

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