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‘I felt an obligation to give back the opportunity that Concordia gave to me’

September 20, 2017
By Robert Baird, BEng 82 and Marie France Racicot-Baird, BA 78

“I started university elsewhere but had to quit to be a caretaker for my father. 

When I was thinking of going back into engineering, I saw that Concordia offered night courses. After doing that for one semester, I switched to full-time. 

Concordia gave me a chance when I wanted to come back and finish my degree. I always felt an obligation to give back the opportunity that the university gave to me. 

My wife Marie and I were intrigued by the idea of having a scholarship set up in perpetuity. So in 2012 we donated to Concordia to help people who deserve to get aid for their educations.”

— Robert Baird, BEng 82, senior VP, Downstream, Husky Energy, Calgary

“I’ve worked in many different fields through the years, as a reviser, editor, assistant librarian, university lecturer and co-owner of a small translation firm. 

I tell students that you have to expect to change careers as you go along, and you have to expect to do different things than you thought you would. Sometimes, your courses won’t reflect what you’ll end up doing. 

Bob and I met while we were studying at Concordia. Ours is a partnership that endures to this day, and we thought it would be nice if our alma mater could benefit from it.

As you age, you realize that a lot of people helped you along the way. The Marie and Bob Baird Scholarship is our part in helping others, part of our shared belief in doing good for the community.”

— Marie France Racicot-Baird, BA 78, retired translator

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