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Use these resources to achieve your nutrition goals!

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Most people who try to make changes in their health behaviours, such as eating more healthfully or being more physically active, will discover that making changes isn’t easy. To greatly enhance the chances of success, experts in the field of behaviour change advise using a structured approach. One proven approach to health behaviour change is:

  • Set a goal
  • Build commitment to the goal
  • Make a plan
  • Monitor and problem-solve

You can learn about this approach in the behaviour change section of the Health and Wellness website or by downloading the "How to effectively set, achieve and maintain health goals" workbook [PDF].

Below are three sheets you can use to monitor a nutrition goal. They have varying levels of specificity. The sheets are interactive: you can download and complete them on your computer or other device.

Instructions for using the monitoring sheets

We recommend the following system to help keep track of your nutrition monitoring sheets:

  1. Download the interactive PDF file of the monitoring sheet(s) you would like to use, and change the name to indicate that this will be your master file (e.g. Nutrition monitoring sheet MASTER)
  2. Make a copy of the PDF and name it with the dates that you will be monitoring; for example, “Nutrition monitoring Feb 1 – 7.”
  3. Once you have completed all days of monitoring on a sheet, make another copy from the MASTER and rename it accordingly (e.g., “Nutrition monitoring Feb 8 – 14”). Store all you competed monitoring sheets in one folder so you can refer to them later and track progress.

Completing the sheets

At the end of the day, reflect on the foods you consumed. Open the current monitoring file and enter the date on one section. Select the boxes that correspond to the quality of your diet for that day.

If you achieved your goal today - great! Keep doing what you are doing.

If you did not achieve your nutrition goal today identify the reasons why and think about the changes you can make to overcome these barriers to healthy eating. Work towards making those changes.

The problem-solving sheet [PDF] can help you with this process.

Monitoring sheets

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