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Meet Tarek Riman

CCE workshop trainer, SEM / SEO teacher and digital marketing expert
March 23, 2021


Tarek’s goal is simple: he wants to help people.

Born and raised in Lebanon, he is a former CCE student and John Molson School of Business graduate who returned to his alma mater to help students gain real-world knowledge about his field of expertise — digital marketing — as well as themselves.

As a speaker, workshop leader and university instructor, Tarek’s aim is to educate and speak about topics such as Analytics for Businesses, SEO/SEM, Digital Marketing, WordPress, ecommerce and Content Marketing.

He is a lifelong learner at heart and consummate communicator, Tarek believes that school is an opportunity for people to be their authentic selves, make mistakes, and grow while building connections with their fellow students, educators, and the surrounding community.

“Concordia’s main strength ten years ago, when I was a student, is the same as today,” says Tarek, “and that’s its ability to bring students together and connect them, allowing them to be more than just students, but a community.”

His new series of online workshops include various topics in digital marketing. Whether the goal is to drive traffic on websites, build effective SEM-based campaigns, understand key social media platforms or utilize Google Analytics to drive performance, Tarek thrives on supporting entrepreneurs, marketers and businesses reach their full potential.

As Founder of Cap.TaiM, a full-service digital marketing agency, Tarek has worked with 350+ agencies, SMBs and Fortune 500s, and holds 30+ certifications in digital marketing, including AdWords, Analytics, Bing, HubSpot, Woorank, Facebook & Hootsuite. He is in the process of completing his Masters at Queen's University in Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship. 

Tarek is passionate about growing businesses and organizations through the strategic use of digital marketing tools, technology and data. He has great respect for the power of digital and believes that we are living in a truly exciting time where individuals and organizations at all levels, can harness that power to do great things. His mission is to show the world what we’re capable of with a little understanding and a commitment to learning, trying, analyzing, and never giving up.

In pursuing his mission, he founded, with proceeds going to the UN Refugee Agency, Montreal Children's Hospital and other causes, and is also involved with NGOs & charities in Canada & worldwide.

He is also an international bestselling author of "The Camino Within", "The Secret to Capitalizing on Analytics", "The SEO Way”, and "Paid Search Marketing". In addition to this, he is a contributor to the Huffington Post, Thrive Global & Social Media Today.  His fifth book, "The Digital Way", is scheduled to be released this summer.


Learn more about his online workshops, such as Introduction to SEM, Introduction to Digital Marketing, Maximize Your Social Media Strategies, Introduction to SEO and Introduction to Google Analytics.

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