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The globetrotting corporate innovator

Duc Huy Tran, MBA 04
November 6, 2023
By JP Karwacki, BA 11

Portrait of a smiling man with close-cropped black hair wearing a business suit.

For more than a decade, Duc Huy Tran has been relied upon to grow, turn around and mature multiple companies, including Fortune 500s with tens of thousands of employees.

Tran has worked in a number of senior executive roles in a variety of industries ranging from aerospace and EVs to space technology and AI. Applying his engineering background and business acumen, he specializes in drawing the road maps for digital transformations, commercial strategies, product strategies and other critical developments that help corporations adapt to the future.

Currently, as the chief commercial officer at DIROX, a French-Vietnamese software solutions partner, and CEO of DIROX USA, Tran is leading the company’s expansion into North America.

Survive and adapt

“The world is changing faster than some companies can. Many people don’t know what problem they’re trying to solve, and I’ve had plenty of jobs where I’ve effectively written my own job description. So, to solve problems, you have to solve the right problems, not only of today but also of the future. That’s my specialty.”

Greatest challenges

“People will tell you they agree with you and your analyses, but their budgets and investments will be the real test. It can make them uncomfortable going outside of what they know. It’s understandable, but it’s like turning a large ship; you have to nudge it incrementally.”

Building company trust

Trust comes with time. People are interested in knowing the unknown if it’s presented in a way that’s non-threatening. When I share more modern tools, industry trends or sales techniques, you don’t simply state the end result, you have to bring them along for the ride and explain your thought process.”

The Concordia factor

“Concordia’s had a huge impact on me. Before my MBA, I had no business background, and Concordia gave me the knowledge I was looking for. It allowed me to change my career trajectory, and my experiences there were instrumental, learning skills from working under pressure to public speaking.”

Career advice

“Persistence is important. Keep doing what you’re doing until you break through. Life is non-linear, and so are careers, so stay curious, keep learning, and keep pushing.”

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