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The fit-forward entrepreneur

Bijan Bolouri, BEng 08
November 6, 2023
By JP Karwacki, BA 11

A man with short dark hair is wearing a white collared shirt and is standing in front of a wooden panel wall.

Bijan Bolouri is persistent in his belief that fitness is for everyone. After weathering the challenges to his industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, the owner and co-founder of b.cycle spin and barre studios is now focused on growing the company. 

Today, b.cycle has 120 employees, three indoor studios with online classes, pop-ups and a fourth studio on the way. Bolouri attributes this success, in part, to embracing innovation throughout and beyond the pandemic.   

He also says that being an entrepreneur is much like exercising: it requires long-term dedication to achieve the best results. 

“I love what I do, so I don’t plan on changing anytime soon,” Bolouri says. “I want to build a company that’s amazing and that can last for a long time.”

Passion and drive

“I truly believe anyone can be fit, and people can go as far as they want. It’s so attainable and it can have an amazing impact on the rest of your life. Fitness can bring a lot of joy to you and people around you.”  

Business with a purpose

“Businesses don’t exist to make money; that’s like saying the reason why we live is to breathe. Resources are important, but you also have to have a deeper purpose. At b.cycle, our goal is to deliver a fitness experience that people love. Technology is also going to make what we do better. It’s important to keep up with the latest developments in tools that will improve the business and make clients happier.”

Concordia factor

“All the connections I made at Concordia have shaped where I am today and the way I think. The tools I learned in the Industrial Engineering program are ones I’ve used in business every single day. My time there really set my mind up to see processes on a grander scale.”

Career advice

“When it comes to entrepreneurship, you need to believe in the bull’s eye you’re shooting for. Don’t move your target, but be ready to adapt how you reach that target.”

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