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The impactful non-profit promoter

Kim Fuller, BFA 96
July 4, 2022
By Damon van der Linde, BA 08

As the founder and CEO of Phil, Kim Fuller creates compelling philanthropic sector fundraising and communications strategies for broad social impact.

Her expertise has supported a wide range of clients, including the Jane Goodall Institute, Montreal’s Black Theatre Workshop, the CNIB Foundation and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation.

“There’s often still a pity mindset attached to charity that’s very outdated,” says Fuller, who, as president of the Concordia University Alumni Association (CUAA) from 2015 to 2020, led extraordinary efforts to support students. “We need to change that and think more about grassroots-centred social development when we give.”

Fuller’s innovative approach has been recognized with honours including the 2019 Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers, awarded by the Governor General of Canada, and Artistri Sud’s 2018 Social Entrepreneur of the Year award.

Career inspiration

“Both of my parents were in the advertising space and it looked like a really cool work environment. By the time I was 14, I knew what I wanted to do with my life and was raring to get out there.”

On her non-profit pivot

“I didn’t feel that helping to sell more cars or toothpaste was the way I wanted to use my talents. I got a chance to do a few projects helping charities early in my career and that matched my values and fulfilled me professionally.”

The impact of Phil

“We’ve developed strengths in helping women’s causes, children and marginalized groups. Our focus today is on working with organizations that support systemic change in society.”

Memorable Concordia moment

“In my graduating year, I served as emcee for a design show. With all the speaking opportunities I have these days, I think back fondly on that moment as one of the first times I took the stage.”

The Concordia factor

“I was welcomed on the CUAA board and started raising my hand every time something needed to get done. Within a few years, I became board president — and now I’m on the university’s Board of Governors.”

Favourite pastime

“I’m obsessed with jigsaw puzzles! I always have one on the go.”

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