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The hockey wealth manager

Matthew Bacchiochi, BComm 95
July 4, 2022
By Charlie Fidelman

Every day, Matthew Bacchiochi puts his game face on to help professional athletes fulfill their financial goals.

As president and co-founder of the Toronto-based GAVIN Hockey Wealth Specialists, the ex-junior hockey player and CFA works with a 12-member team offering a range of services to a select group of clients.

From tax and estate planning to strategic investment management, Bacchiochi has one mission in mind: to set his clients up for a future beyond professional sports.

“It’s such a specialized sector. You have to understand the ins and outs of the business in order to serve your clients well.”

Client roster includes

“NHL Hall of Famer Jarome Iginla, Olympians Jeff Carter and John Carlson, as well as promising youngsters Cole Perfetti and Phil Tomasino.”

On starting GAVIN Hockey Wealth Specialists

“Stew Gavin, who enjoyed a long career in the NHL, and I worked together for five years before starting the business. I leveraged his notoriety and well-respected character and he benefited from my academic background and professional designations.”

Keys to success

“I’m from a close-knit family on both sides and had parents who emphasized the importance of faith, humility and a strong work ethic.”

Career milestones

“Starting an advisory business at a fairly young age and managing a small boutique firm licensed and registered in multiple jurisdictions — an accomplishment that led to our acquisition by a Nasdaq-listed firm in 2021.”


“During the pandemic, I moved from our Bay Street offices to my basement office. With four children at home, capital markets gone haywire, and undergoing a rigorous due diligence process as I managed the sale of our business, it was like having multiple jobs at the same time. I was especially thankful for my wife during that time.”

Job satisfaction

“I get to work with inspiring colleagues and clients whose company I enjoy — it doesn’t feel like work. I’ve been at it long enough now that players I started working with when they were drafted have retired, even entered the Hockey Hall of Fame, and enjoyed financial success. Those are the things that are most meaningful to me.”

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