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Where can an Executive MBA take you?

July 16, 2021
By Doug Sweet

Corporate CEOs, government officials and business entrepreneurs are just some of the career paths an EMBA can lead to. Learn about the value of an Executive MBA (EMBA) degree from seven of the program’s successful grads.

“This program will get you so much more than a degree. Looking at the world with an EMBA experience changed my mindset and helped me focus on the important aspects of each situation with a clear vision. It taught me to be proactive in all of life’s aspects.” 

— Julie Vézina, EMBA 08, president and CEO, Consultation ScienTech

“The EMBA is an excellent way to improve your business skills. You will learn pragmatic solutions and gain confidence to tackle challenges in a changing world. It can open up new opportunities and make all the difference in your career. And you’ll develop a network of friends and connections that will last a lifetime.”

Thi Hien Nguyen-Khac, EMBA 87, member of inaugural graduating class, now retired

“The EMBA gave me the confidence to say that I was part of the business elite in Canada. For me, it was important to prove that young, non-Caucasian members of the community could have what it takes to be leaders in important business fields.”

— Udaya Silva, EMBA 11, IPT director, Flight Control System, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

“I didn’t have a traditional background. I don’t have an undergraduate degree, yet [Concordia] encouraged me to apply — and it was a great fit. When you’re studying and working full-time and juggling course work, group work and a family, you learn to focus on what’s important to get to the point and get it done.”

— Sherry Romanado, EMBA 11, Member of Parliament, Longueuil—Charles-LeMoyne 

“The program expanded my brain muscle and my energy, helping me do a lot more. It changed my framework of what a true career entails.”

— Richard Joly, EMBA 98, managing partner, Leaders International 

“The EMBA taught me to be anticipatory, agile, innovative and always ready to pivot. These insights turned out to be instrumental this past year, living through a pandemic — not only in business, but in every aspect of our lives.”

— Charles Carranza, BSc 01, BEng 05, EMBA 18, vice-president, Strategy and Operations, Aloe Capital 

“I was able to hit the ground running. When you talk about the impact of an EMBA, it really speaks to that: I went in as a lawyer and it provided me with the skills to better understand business context and internal stakeholder objectives.”

— Julianna Fox, EMBA 14, chief ethics and compliance officer, WSP 

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