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(Compliant) 13 ways to make every day an Earth Day

From bike commutes to composting, try these sustainability tips — on and off campus
April 17, 2018

Earth Day is a great opportunity to review your environmental footprint and change any wasteful behaviours. But why limit your green-living efforts to just one day?

Environmental Health and Safety’s Sustainability Team offers tips on how to live a sustainable lifestyle at Concordia and at home throughout the year.

On campus

  • Concordia wants your apple cores, banana peels and used paper towels! Instead of throwing everything in the trash, keep your eyes open for compost bins with orange lids in eating and central areas across campus. Let’s aim for zero waste.

  • Don’t forget to bring reusable mugs for your caffeine fix. Participating locations may even give you a discount for your sustainability savvy. Consider bringing in a reusable water bottle and using the water filling stations around campus too.

  • Think twice before tossing those project leftovers and useable office supplies in the garbage. The Concordia University Centre for Creative Reuse (CUCCR) wants to take them off your hands and give them a second home. One person’s junk is another person’s treasure — help divert trash from landfills.

  • Did you know the Concordia community gets a 20-per cent discount on annual BIXI memberships? Why not consider biking to campus? If you own a bike, check out the university’s secure indoor bike parking facility and learn how to repair your ride at Le Petit Vélo Rouge or Right to Move.

  • Turn off lights, computers and any power bars whenever you leave your work or study space. Let’s save energy.

  • Hungry for some veggies? Grab some fresh food at the Concordia Farmers’ Market on the Sir George Williams Campus or the City Farm School on the Loyola Campus.

  • Join the Sustainability Ambassador Program and help others learn about composting and reuse. Faculty and staff are encouraged to attend the next training session and think about how departments can contribute to future sustainability plans at Concordia.

  • For more tips, check out Concordia’s Sustainable Office Guide and Sustainable Events Guide.


At home

  • Use public transit and check out the OPUS à I’année rebate offered by the Société de transport de Montréal. Car share services such as Communauto and car2go are also available throughout the city, including stations near both Concordia campuses. If car ownership is a must, look into hybrid and electric vehicles — electrical outlets are available at Concordia.

  • Consider buying things second-hand and donating everything you no longer need. Why not join a zero-waste challenge and give used clothing and household items a second life.

  • Cut down on toxic cleaning products and consider soaps made from natural products.

  • Test your green thumb by growing some pollinator-friendly plants and a veggie garden. While you’re at it, try some cool vegan recipes to cut down on your meat consumption.

  • Participate in your municipal composting program. If you don’t have one, try home composting units for your backyard or look into vermicomposting for year-round indoor composting.


Want to take control of your impact on climate change? Try these top tips from Concordia expert Damon Matthews:

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