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Relieve your pain with affordable on-campus athletic therapy

Expert care for musculoskeletal issues is covered by Concordia’s Health Plan
June 6, 2024

Is muscle, bone or joint pain negatively impacting your quality of life? If so, there is a professional and affordable on-campus solution available to all Concordia employees.

The School of Health’s Athletic Therapy Clinic offers comprehensive care for a wide range of musculoskeletal issues ranging from pre- or post-surgery rehabilitation to dealing with a chronic condition to enhancing athletic performance.

Staffed by knowledgeable student interns and supervised by certified athletic therapists, the clinic’s therapy programs are designed to provide effective and timely treatment.

Moreover, treatments are covered by Concordia’s Health Plan, making athletic therapy a very affordable option.

Aqua therapy: Healing through water

One of the standout features of the Athletic Therapy Clinic is the SwimEx 700 resistance pool. This specialized pool, located in a private area of the clinic, is perfect for post-surgical rehabilitation. It’s also geared at clients with low mobility conditions such as arthritis and multiple sclerosis or those recovering from a stroke.

Other modalities include:

  • advanced muscle testing with HUMAC to accurately assess muscle strength after an injury or surgery to ensure a safe and effective return to daily activities
  • Biodex Balance System SD to enhance balance, agility and muscular tone


Over the last 13 years the Athletic Therapy Clinic has helped thousands of people get back to their best selves.

“I have been a client of the Athletic Therapy Clinic for several years. They have been my saving grace several times throughout the years whenever I suffered a strain, sprain or had other issues. The interns who treated me were always enthusiastic and professional. They were and continue to be supported by a very professional supervisory team.” – Arthur Simcoe, Concordia employee

“I suffer from multiple sclerosis and the clinic has been my most important means to cope with this disease. There is no question that thanks to the excellent care from a top-notch team of competent and dedicated professionals, I am living a full life.” – Aline Bickford, patient

Concordia’s Athletic Therapy Clinic today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


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