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‘Addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with aging requires a collective effort’

MAY 6-15: Concordia’s B/OLD event series delves into aging in contemporary society
April 22, 2024

An upcoming eight-day event series at Concordia is poised to disrupt traditional narratives surrounding aging by challenging stereotypes about later life.

B/OLD 2024, taking place at 4TH SPACE from May 6 to 15, is organized by the Ageing + Communication + Technologies (ACT) Lab and the engAGE Centre for Research on Aging. The public “aging fair” brings together voices from diverse sectors to explore aging in contemporary society.

Through workshops, roundtable discussions and artistic installations, B/OLD aims to explore the complexities of aging. The event series positions the topic as a dynamic and multifaceted experience that can be influenced by systems of power while also highlighting the resilience, creativity and contributions of older adults.

The fair will feature more than 25 events and installations. It brings together stakeholders from research, community organizations, policymakers and the public. This inclusive approach allows for a comprehensive exploration of topics such as age-friendly cities, promising practices for care, digital inclusion for older adults and innovative approaches for well-being through panel discussions.

'A vibrant space for knowledge exchange and co-creation’

"We believe that addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with aging requires a collective effort," says Constance Lafontaine, director of research and partnerships for the ACT Lab.

"By bringing together diverse voices and perspectives from different sectors of society, we aim to spark innovative solutions, collaborations and challenge the status quo."

B/OLD 2024 also features interactive workshops that delve into matters such as growing your own vegetables or creating collaborative zines about what it means to age together. Participants can even playtest a new portable escape room on older adult mistreatment, designed to sensitize audiences to the complexities of abuse within families.

The event series showcases carefully curated artistic performances, exhibitions and film screenings that celebrate the diversity of older adult experiences and amplify marginalized voices.

Kim Sawchuk is the director of engAGE and the ACT Lab. “B/OLD offers a vibrant space for knowledge exchange and co-creation. We want to encourage participants to explore out-of-the-box approaches, to confront stereotypes on age and aging and to imagine better pathways for aging together,” she says. 

B/OLD event series takes place from May 6 to 15 at Concordia’s 4TH SPACE, 1400 De Maisonneuve Boulevard West.



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