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Review process for on-campus event bookings

Read a message from Michael Di Grappa, Vice-President, Services and Sustainability
March 20, 2024
By Michael Di Grappa

Dear members of the Concordia community,

You may have seen in the news or on social media that Concordia has recently cancelled bookings to use university spaces. I would like to briefly explain how the university makes such decisions.

When any group submits a request to use a campus space for an event, we review the request to assess compliance with existing university policies including, but not limited to, the Policy on the Temporary Use of Space (VPS-24) and the Policy on Campus Public Safety and Security (VPS-20).

We also consider if the event content, the materials publicizing the event or any of its speakers may create a risk and runs counter to university policy. If it is determined to be the case with the information available to us, the booking request may be cancelled.

Furthermore, when an event has been approved to proceed, it can still be cancelled if information emerges that gives us reason to believe that the holding of the event in university space runs counter to university policy. 

The university will continue to apply its policies and work with all members of the community to ensure that on-campus activities and demonstrations take place respectfully and are safe for everyone.

Thank you for your help ensuring that Concordia remains a place where academic freedom and the civil exchange of ideas thrive.

Michael Di Grappa
Vice-President, Services and Sustainability

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