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Associate university librarian Lorie Kloda takes on a new role at McGill University

The Concordia Library veteran leaves her position overseeing planning and community relations
April 11, 2023

A young woman with her hands on her hips smiles confidently. Lori Kloda will become McGill Library’s vice-dean on April 17

Lorie Kloda, Concordia Library’s associate university librarian for planning and community relations, is moving on to McGill University. She will serve as vice-dean of McGill Library as of April 17.

As vice-dean, Kloda will manage initiatives that support the McGill Library’s strategic directions. She will also administer a portfolio of units including finance/planning and resources, communications, facilities and Indigenous initiatives.

Kloda first brought her academic library experience and planning, assessment and project management skills to Concordia Library in 2015.

While at Concordia, Kloda led multiple projects related to planning, communications, assessment, project management and community work. She created several initiatives that contributed to the Library’s development, including the researcher-in-residence and Wikipedian-in-residence programs.

Kloda also introduced the Indigenous student librarian program. Additionally, she played a key role in the R. Howard Webster Library transformation project, which took place from 2015 to 2018.

From 2003 to 2015, Kloda worked at McGill Library, serving as a health sciences librarian and later as the assessment librarian.

Various Concordia Library cabinet members will fulfill Kloda’s responsibilities until an official replacement is found.

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