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Reminder about masks indoors

Exam period recommendations
December 8, 2022

With the exam period beginning on December 9, 2022, we’d like to remind you about the government’s latest recommendations related to COVID-19 and other respiratory viruses in circulation.

Because of the pressure on hospitals right now, the government recommends wearing masks in all indoor public spaces, including classrooms and other institutional spaces.

To support health and safety, Concordia continues to supply disposable masks and hand sanitizer at building entrances. We encourage all of you to keep using them!

Feeling sick?

As a reminder, you should stay home if you have a fever, regardless of your COVID testFurthermore, health officials say that you should wear a mask if you have any other symptoms and need to leave home.

For more information, please consult government recommendations on reducing respiratory virus spread. Students can also read about illness during exams.

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