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Extending online instruction until January 19, 2022

December 31, 2021

Given the current public health situation, the Quebec government announced on December 30 that all educational institutions – including CEGEPs and universities – must deliver instruction remotely until at least January 17, 2022.

In addition, an overnight curfew of 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. takes effect December 31, and will remain in place for at least three weeks.

Concordia’s classes will be online from January 6 to 19

In keeping with the cautious approach that Concordia has maintained since the onset of the pandemic, all instruction will be delivered remotely for the first two weeks of classes, i.e., from Thursday, January 6, to Wednesday, January 19, with the exception of certain labs.

In-person classes are currently scheduled to resume on Thursday, January 20.

Impact on research, Student Services and Library

Research activities can continue in person.  

The Birks Student Services Centre and other student services will reopen in person on January 6, 2022, as planned.

Students wishing to use the Vanier Library and/or the Webster Library between January 6 and January 16 are encouraged to consult operating hours via the Library website before coming to campus.

What this means for Concordia employees

Staff required to support teaching, research, library and student services, or those who provide core services such as Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Facilities Management, Security, and Instructional and Information Technology and Services (IITS) will continue to work on campus.

Administrative staff outside of the Faculties and other student support units will continue to work remotely until further notice.

Letters of attestation required to circulate during curfew hours

Certain in-person activities, for example, those related to essential work and research, are permitted to go on as planned, even during curfew. The university will provide those Concordia faculty, staff and students who need to be on campus during curfew hours with a letter of attestation. 

  • If you are a faculty member or student who needs to be on campus or to commute from or to the campuses during curfew for research purposes, please write to to ask for an attestation letter, and copy your Dean or supervisor.
  • If you are a staff member who needs to be on campus or commute from or to the campuses during curfew, please write to, and copy your supervisor or manager.
  • If you are a student who needs to be on campus or commute from or to the campuses during curfew for in-person activities related to your courses, you will be able to download the attestation letter from the course Moodle site as of January 10.

The vaccine booster campaign is under way

To protect themselves and each other, all Concordians — faculty, staff and students — are expected to get fully vaccinated, unless they are unable to do so for medical or religious reasons.

As a reminder, Quebec residents ages 60 and over are currently eligible to book their third dose of COVID-19 vaccine via CliqSante, as are instructors at every level of educational institution, including universities. Visit to learn more.

Key health and safety measures remain in place

We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of the many measures we’ve put in place to protect the health and safety of the Concordia community, including new mask requirements that came into effect on December 20.

A few highlights can be found below:
  • While on campus, everyone must wear a procedure mask at all times and keep a minimum of two meters’ physical distance from others. Procedure masks are required even if physical distancing can be respected and/or a physical barrier is present.
  • The requirement of both a procedure mask and two meters’ distancing also applies to all research activities.
There are now only two cases when masks can be removed:
  • When alone in a closed office/space
  • When eating or drinking and staying two meters away from others

Those who display COVID-19 symptoms, suspect they have contracted the virus, or are confirmed positive, should not come to campus. Instead, they must follow the procedure for COVID-19 cases

Questions? Contact us 

The public health situation continues to evolve, and we thank you in advance for your understanding as we adapt our plans accordingly. We will keep you updated. 

For any questions related to COVID-19, please consult the FAQs available on our Coronavirus website, or send an email to 

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